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五月櫻唇 (1992)
Behind the Pink Door

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 02/04/2002
Summary: A little nasty and very disappointing

Pauline Chan lent her name to quite a few awful and less than wonderful movies, especially at the beginning of her career. And this is one of them.

La Pauline is, as she frequently was, just one of an ensemble cast. The story is a lame load of nonsense about a rape-revenge which goes wrong. Pauline is seen topless very briefly, and nothing more.

The one aspect of this film which I enjoyed is Lily Lee's short scene. This clip is jarring out of place. It features the lovely Lily as a prostitute having very happy and consenting sex with a client. Lily is shown generously full frontal, and she is ravishing. I say jarring, as all the other sex scenes in this film are non-consentual and unpleasant.

Curiosity value only.

Reviewer Score: 3