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勇立忍者 (1981)
Dragon, the Young Master

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 11/23/2005
Summary: Bullhorn fights and a blind Davey Crockett swordsman

A Korean production ripped off and redistributed by Joseph Lai IFD. This is one of Dragon Lee's silliest movies, including odd sounding sound effects, and one of the rare ocassions Dragon fights a villain using a head set with bull horns(Casanova Wong did the same in the Korean version of Ninja Holocaust). The interesting character in this movie is Li Yi Min, who plays a blind swordsman with a bamboo cane sword, wearing a Davey Crockett hat and clothes. Again, Kim Ki Ju and Chui Min Kyu play the villains, as they did in most of the Korean kung fu movies at the time. A movie with no budget and bad choreography, but the silliness of it makes it something to view if you have nothing left to watch. *(for the bull horn fight)/*****