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怒火威龍 (1991)
Crystal Hunt

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 09/19/2003

A professor is kidnapped by a crime lord's daughter (Ng, looking pretty damn sexy) and her bodyguard (Lo, looking pretty damn silly sporting a flat-top buzzcut, clip-on earring and cheap orange sunglasses) to find the "golden crystal," which Ng hopes will cure her father's mysterious disease. The professor's daughter enlists the aid of her ex-boyfriend (Yen) and a policewoman (Hu) to help her find the crystal first.

This movie is so bad I don't really know when to begin. Its' main problem is the pacing. Crystal Hunt is so boring that even the fights (which, admittedly, there are a lot of) can't save it from being a clunker. It doesn't help that the fights aren't really all that great to begin with -- one "chase" has Hu going after a bad guy trying to get away on a ice cream pushcart. When the action finally gets good during the last half-hour, it's a matter of "too little, too late."

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 02/27/2003
Summary: Agree with reviewer below me

The reviewer below me is absolutely right. A good cast seems wasted on a week script. The action was average and their were a few laughs but that can't save the movie. It looked like everyone did a lot of work for this movie but too bad it didn't pay off though

And doesn't Sibelle Hu look like Bridgette Lin?


Reviewed by: RLM
Date: 05/18/2002
Summary: Acttion Film

For an action film with lots of great names, I was disappointed in the acting, martial arts, and story.
Carrie Ng (Lisa) teams up with Sibelle Hu (Special Police Squad's Madam Wu) and Donnie Yen (Leung) to hunt down a mysterious powerful crystal. Lau gets kidnapped along the way by a vious gang and the good-guys vow to find the crystal and bring the villians to task. To be fare, this is a non-stop action movie with lots of fighting - and well - action and some scifi! The actors do seem to be working hard to make the film work. An HK Indiana Jones without anything that makes that kind of action film worth seeing.
The tempo of the film didn't suit me and I didn't get sufficiently interested to care what happened.