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天皇巨星 (1976)
Bruce Lee - The Star of All Stars

Reviewed by: dalvin
Date: 08/18/2008
Summary: Not bad, but not great either

I watched this movie years ago, imagine my surprise when I found it at Walmart for one dollar. I had to pick it up.

In a grim conversation with his close friend David, Lee eerily advises: 'if I die find out why'.

That is the synopsis on the back of the case and what the movie is about.

It doesn't have much going for it by way of plot or great action, but it is passable action. This for me, is one of the best Bruceplotation flicks, even though thats not saying much. Exit the Dragon is an enjoyable film, not bad, but far from being considered great.

Bruce Li made some really good films, I recommend Dynamo, Deadly Strike and Iron Dragon Strikes Back.

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 05/30/2002

Bruce Li plays a protégé of Bruce Lee named Tiger aka David who suspects foul play in his friend’s death. How did Bruce die? Was it an illness? Drugs? Murder? Women? We’ll never know, but with the help of a journalist, a key witness, and some snooping around, Tiger is able to uncover a plot to blackmail Bruce into smuggling drugs. With this information, Tiger sets out on a path of retaliation that eventually leads him to the mastermind behind the treacherous plot, the Baron(Chang Yi).