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霹靂女王蜂 (忍者版本) (1985)
Golden Ninja Warrior
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin 
Genres: Adult  Martial Arts 
  Joseph Lai San-Lun
  Betty Chan Kwai-Wa
  Yang Hui-Chih ... [THUNDER CAT WOMAN footage]
  Li Mu-Chen ... [THUNDER CAT WOMAN footage]
  Tian Ming ... [THUNDER CAT WOMAN footage]
  Bai Ruo-Lan ... [THUNDER CAT WOMAN footage]
  Tang Chia-Chuan ... [THUNDER CAT WOMAN footage]
  Jonse Yu Ming-Ren ... [THUNDER CAT WOMAN footage]
  Richard Harrison ... [NINJA TERMINATOR footage]
  Phillip Ko Fei ... [NINJA TERMINATOR footage]
  Woo Dik ... [THUNDER CAT WOMAN footage]
  IFD Films & Arts Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Filming Location
  Version of the Taiwanese movie "Thunder cat woman" (1985, Dir. Lai Man-Sing) with additional ninja action scenes, filmed on the same locations with 3 actors from the original movie, but different stuntmen. Released by Hong Kong distribution company "IFD Films & Arts Ltd." with additional footage from their production "Ninja terminator" (1985, Dir. Godfrey Ho). It is unknown if there is original Taiwanese cut of "ninja version" available.