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獄女集中營 (1976)
Great Escape from Women's Prison
Alt title: Excessive Torture in a Female Prison Camp
KMDB: Great Escape of Women Prisoners
Alias: The Women's Great Escape
Korean Title 여수 대탈옥
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: War 
Release Date (HK): 06/19/1976
  Chang Il-Ho
  Ting Chung
  Sze-To Man
  Lee Hee-Woo
  Lee Mun-Ung
  Ting Pao-Seng
  Kim Tai-Soo
  Chang Pei-Shan ... Japanese Prince
  Kao Chiang ... Wang
  Yoon Mi-Ra ... Yung
  Lee Dae-Keun ... Japanese officer
  Choe Jae-Ho    
  Kim Ki-Bum ... Japanese officer
  Chan Kei    
  Nam Sung-Hoon ... Wang's close friend
  Han Mi-Ja ... Yung's Sister (Prisoner No.333)
  Do Kum-Bong    
  Bang Hui-Jeong    
  Nam Su-Jung    
Production Company
  Great China Film Company H. K.
  Lee Seong-Chun
Production Manager
  Ting Hsu-Chuan
Filming Location
  South Korea
  Produced in HK