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愛,斷了線 (2003)
Sky of Love
Alias: 情牽一線
Origin: Hong Kong
Release Date (HK): 11/13/2003
  Teng Huatao
  Ming Yue
  Leung Bo-Tung
  Sandy Shaw Lai-King
  Ivy Kong Yuk-Yee
  Gigi Leung Wing-Kei ... Yan Xiao Jia
  Ken Zhu Xiaotian ... Wen Jia Hui
  Tung Da-Wei ... Wen Tao
  Tao Hong ... Su Ya Qin
  Liu Zi ... Xuan Xuan
  Cheung Ching-Woon ... Patient
  Yang Sheng (3) ... Stage actor
  Liao Jing-Feng ... Jia's mother
  Chen Wei-Guo ... Jia's father
  Du Jiayi ... Classmate
  Wu Li-Li (2) ... Female classmate
  Chiu Hok-Yan ... Night watchman
  Liu Ting ... Stage actress
Production Companies
  Beijing Film Studio
  One Hundred Years of Film Company Ltd.
  China Star Entertainment Group (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Yang Yang (17)   Nie Chun-Shen   Ray Chan Wai-Ban
  Mark Lee Ping-Bing
  Edward Choi Lai-Hung
Art Director
  Albert Poon Yim-Sum
Hair Stylist
  Poon Chow-Chi
  Angie Lam On-Yee
  Lincoln Lo Kin   Julian Moore
  Charles Heung Wah-Keung   Yang Buting
Executive Producer
  Kenneth Siao Wai-Keung
  Shi Dongming   Jonathan Kim
  Xiao Jia, a university student, secretly admires her class monitor, Wen Tao. In a twist of an event, Xiao Jia accidentally got hold of a radiophone. One day, as she daydreams of Wen Tao, the radiophone connects to Jia Hui, a youngster who loves to mingle with radiophones. As they both communicate thru the radiophone, they discover that they are actually studying in the same university and plans to meet up. However, both never turns up for their date due to the wrong venue. Although, Xiao Jia and Jia Hui never meet, their friendship grows stronger each day and becomes each other's confidante. In yet another twist of event, Xiao Jia is suspicious of Jia Hui's background and finds it complicated. Her discovery even affects her relationship with Wen Tao, the handsome young man she admires all this while....