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麗人行 (1949)
Three Girls
Alias: Two for the Road
Origin: China
Language: Mandarin 
  Chen Li-Ting (1)
  Chen Li-Ting (2)
  Chen Li-Ting (1)
  Tian Han
  Zhao Dan (1)    
  Shang-Guan Yun-Zhu    
  Huang Chung-Ying    
  Lan Ma    
  Zhang Yi (1)    
  Sha Lee (1)    
Production Company
  The Peak Film Industries Corp., Ltd.
  Han Tun-Liang
  The film revolves around three Chinese women's lives in a Japanese-occupied area during the Sino-Japanese War (1937-45). They still have hope for a better future despite all their pains, and each has a unique story anchored in historical turbulence. Xinqun, a female patriot, joins the underground army to fight for her nation. Ruoying have thought of joining her patriotic ex-husband in the battlefield, but she finds it hard to leave her rich husband who is a traitor. Jinzhu attempts suicide for she cannot stands her humiliating life, but luckily a passer-by saves her life. Her experience inspires Ruoying, and Xinqun helps the two to start their new lives...