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十三棵泡桐 (2006)
Thirteen Princess Trees
Origin: China
Language: Mandarin 
Release Date (China): 03/23/2007
  Lu Yue
  Lu Yue
  Liu Ying (4)
  Song Jiang-Bo
  Jiang Biao (2)
  Cya Liu Ya-Se ... He Feng
  Zhao Meng-Qiao ... Bao Jingsheng
  Duan Bowen ... Taotao
  Zhong Ping ... Miss Song
  Gou Yu-Lou ... Mr. Ren
  Wang Jing (8) ... Jojo
  Chen Ke-Liang ... Ali
  Luo Ya-Dan ... Eva
  Chen Jian-Yong ... Jingui
  Xiong Jie-Ming ... Ali's father
  Lai Jia-Ming ... Administrative director
  Shang Hui ... Feng's father
Production Companies
  Changchun Film Studio
  Beijing Golden Skyway Media
  Xu Wei (3)
  Yan Tao
  Liu Sola
  Zhao Guoguang   Zhou Xiao-Ning
  Li Hongbin   Wang Ting-Jun
Production Manager
  Zhao Jian-Guo   Chris Liu Jing   Wang Qing-Yong
  This bracing look at a year in the lives of a group of high-school delinquents refreshingly features a teenage girl at the center. Feng has trouble at home. Her parents are divorced. Her mother is absent from her life and her father works long hours as a security guard and is embittered. Feng runs with the tough crowd at the titular school. When a new boy transfers from Lhasa, he seems at first to be a roughneck out to intimidate his way to the top of the Princess Trees heap. But the film turns ever so delicately on Feng's change of perspective, the gradual shift of her sexual interest away from the handsome, homegrown gang leader to the pugnacious outsider, whom she comes to see as a kindred soul desperate for love. (