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義劍奇俠 (1992)
In Sword We Trust
VideoAsia DVD Title (Part of Once Upon a Time in China: Next Chapters Collection): Once Upon A Time In China: In Sword We Trust
Alias: Righteous Sword, Rare Chivalrous
Origin: China
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
  Yu Xiang-Yuan
  Qi Tian-Fa
Martial Arts Designer
  Zhang Lei (1)
  Chui Siu-Kin ... Benjamin
  Li Yun-Juan (1)    
  Huang Bang-Rui    
  Da Ni-Ya (2)    
  Ge Sha    
  Li Wei (26)    
  Li Xi-Da    
  Chen Hai    
  Yang Xin-Yu    
Production Company
  Changchun Film Studio
Assistant Director
  Wang Chun-Xia
  Su Wei-Ping
  Zhao Zhen-Gang
Art Director
  Liu Sheng (2)
  Ji Xiao-Ying
  Lou Zhang-Hou
Martial Arts Consultant
  Wang Ya-Biao
  Warning: minor spoiler... "In a fierce battle against the British invasion, the commander of the Chinese army sacrifices his life on the line of duty. The British celebrate their victory by hanging his head out on a conquered fortress. To end such humiliation, the commander's daughter seeks help from the leader of the local rebels, Benjamin. Their attempts to steal the head enrage the British. The British conceal the head in one of a dozen identical boxes, and gather intelligence on Benjamin's moves from a spy who disguises as a priest. Knowing little about the modern warfare, the rebels are frustrated by their well armed counterpart in several bloody confrontations. Benjamin resorts to ambush the British commanders in a forest and the explosive final attack is launched." - from the Jalisco release DVD cover