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花吃了那女孩 (2008)
Candy Rain
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin 
Genres: Drama  Queer/GLBT 
Rating: II B (Hong Kong) 
  Chen Hung-I
  Chen Hung-I
  Lin Yan-Ru
  A. D. Lin
  Grace Chen Yang-Kun ... Pon
  Belle Hsin Chia-Ying ... Jessie
  Sandrine Pinna ... ''U''
  Waa Wei Ru-Xuan ... Lin
  Niki Wu Li-Chi ... Spancer
  Kao Yi-Ling ... Summer
  Karena Lam Ka-Yan ... Ricky
  Cyndi Wang Xin-Ling ... Ricky's ex-girlfriend
  Jozie Lu Chia-Hsin ... Ricky's ex-girlfriend
  Josephine Hsu An-An ... Ricky's ex-girlfriend
  Mok Chi-Yee ... Summer's husband
  Cheer Chen Chi-Chen ... [Voice]
  Fisher Yu Jing-Ping
Sound Recordist
  Tu Duu-Chih
  In the world of Lesbian and Gay, this movie is bigger that the average Hollywood movie. Candy Rain was shown at the Hong Kong International Film Festival earlier this year and the tickets sold out at top speed; you can imagine how popular this movie was in it's country of origin - Taiwan!! With the slogan - One old apartment, four female couples, eleven girls entangled, just imagine what this picture might offer! The cast are very strong , with Hong Kong actress Karena Lam, French Chinese model Sandrine Pinna and Cyndi Wang from the big hit movie Miao Miao with even more fresh girls featured to create this addictively sweet and fascinating rain storm! (Broadway Circuit) Best Makeup and Costume, 45th Golden Horse Awards (2008)