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ζ§ηŽ‹δΉ‹ηŽ‹ (2010)
Triple Tap
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
  Derek Yee Tung-Sing
  Derek Yee Tung-Sing
  Chun Tin-Nam
  Lau Ho-Leung
Action Director
  Chin Ka-Lok
  Henry Fong Ping
  Mandy Law Hiu-Man
  Louis Koo Tin-Lok ... Ken Kwan
  Daniel Wu Yin-Cho ... Inspector Jerry Chong
  Charlene Choi Cheuk-Yin ... Ting
  Li Bingbing ... Anna Shaw
  Chapman To Man-Chat ... Pang Toa
  Lam Suet ... Mr Fong
  Alex Fong Chung-Sun ... Mew Sir
  Andrew Lin Hoi ... Billy Tsui/Warren Tsui [2 roles]
  Carol Yeung Ling ... Billy Tsui's wife
  Michael Wong Man-Tak ... Mr Kong
  Geoffrey Wong Chi-Hung ... Mr Ko
  Lui Kit ... Joyce
  Tang Tak-Cheung ... Doug Wong
  Alexander Chan Mong-Wah ... Prosecutor Chan
  Suen Lik-Man ... Ken's lawyer
  Hui Kam-Fung ... Professor Lau
  Yuen Bo ... Mr Kong's bond certificate verifier
  Law Yiu-Fai ... Segway scorekeeper #1
  Ho Kei-Yau ... Anna Shaw's subordinate
  Bruce Mang Lung ... Joe Shing, armored van guard
  Ringo Chan Ka-Leung ... Jim Lee, armored van guard
  Huang Kaisen ... Robber
  Joe Chu Cho-Kuen ... Robber
  Paco Yick Tin-Hung ... Robber
  Wong Siu-Foon ... Nurse
  Wong Ji-Hang    
  Chiu Lok-Yin ... CID
  Pang Wai-Ming    
  Damon Ho Hing-Fai    
  Kathy Wu Jia-Xing ... CID
  Kitterick Yiu Ho-Ching    
  Pang Pui-Laam    
  Samson Mo Chun-Yue ... CID
  Hau Gin-Man (2)    
  Mok Sing-Lun    
  Helen Suen Wai-Lin    
  Lee Ka-Fai (2)    
  Lee Siu-Ming (2)    
  Law Kin-Ming (2)    
  Siu Ga-Ho    
  Dai Seung-Yung    
  Wu Wai-Leung    
  Dik Yui-Gan    
  Lee Tak-Cheung    
  Alex Ng Sheung-Ying    
  Chan Bei-Dak (3)    
  Chung Wai-Lun    
  So Wai-Bun    
  Ho Chi-Kit    
  Poon Wing-Hung    
  Kam Hoi-Wai    
  Wong Wai-Kei (3)    
  Chan Yuen-Si    
  Wong Lai-Ping (2)    
  Poon Kam-Kuen    
  Chan Siu-Tung (2)    
  Leung Sing-Wan    
  Alex To Kong    
  Karson Lok Chun-Wai    
  Ho Mei-Si    
  Choi Hau-Lam    
  Kaki Leung Ka-Kei    
  Jason Yip Wan-Keung    
  Au Hin-Wai ... Captain of Police Emergency Dispatch Cen
  Frank Liu Zong-Ji ... Traffic officer
  Mok Hoi-Ching    
  Hiro Wu Yat-Hin    
  Vernon Fong Chi-Kui    
  Ng Yan-Ting    
  Chan Wing-Cheong    
  Henry Lai Ka-Tai    
  Derek Lam Ling-Yuen    
  Leung Yau-Sing    
  Choi Chi-Yan    
  Mak Ging-Lun    
  Ho Chun-Wai    
  Lai Siu-Man    
  Leung Ho-Kai    
  Kenny Chong Kin-Man    
  Tan Cheung Chun-Yin    
  Cash Lee Chi-Keung ... Mr Kong's bodyguard
  So Wai-Nam    
  Chung Hoi-Ying ... CID
  Kelly Yu Hiu-Kwan    
  Law Pak-Ho    
  Ng Siu-Ching    
  Chan Hing-Yuen    
  Yeung Kwok-Ming    
  Matthew Hui Ming-Fai    
  Cui Yi-Ching    
  Raymond Yu Siu-Lun    
  Sunny Lau Sam-Yi    
  Billy Chan Hau-Yan    
  Li Kin (5)    
  Yuen Chi-Cheong    
  Tsui Hing-Wah    
  Kwok Wing-Tak    
  Lee Sing-Yung    
  Chan Hei-Yi    
  Liu Pak-Lim    
  Poon Fung    
  Poon Jun    
  Leung Kei-Hei ... Shooting competition judge
  Tam Kon-Chung ... CID
  Courtney Wu ... Asia Investors Award guest
  Ho Chung-Wai ... Mr Ko's discussion associate
  Kwok Yuk-Keung ... Police Emergency Dispatch Operator
  Wong Man-Chun (2) ... Police officer at Billy's funeral
  Unknown 90s Police Actor (3) ... Policeman guarding Billy at hospital
  Unknown 90s Police Actor (4) ... Policeman
  Lee Wah-Chu ... Police officer at Billy's funeral
  Chow Chi-Keung ... Police Emergency Dispatch Officer
  Jordon Ho Kwok-Nam ... Asia Investors Assoc. Award guest
  Michelle Ye Xuan ... Anna Shaw [voice: Cantonese]
Production Companies
  Sil-Metropole Organisation Ltd.
  Emperor Film Production Company Limited
  Bona Entertainment Company Limited
  Shanghai Media Group
Filming Company
  Film Unlimited
Assistant Director
  Albert Mak Kai-Kwong   David Lee Kwong-Yiu   Joe Fong Si-Hang
  Lillian Cheung Lai-Nei
Script Supervisor
  Michael Fong Wing-Leung
Director of Photography
  Anthony Pun Yiu-Ming
  Jimmy Wong Kam-Shing
2nd Unit Cinematographer
  Chan Kwok-Hung
Focus Puller
  Chan Lok-Men
2nd Unit Focus Puller
  Ho Yuen-Tai
3rd Unit Focus Puller
  Mandy Ngai Man-Yin
4th Unit Focus Puller
  Leung Ching-Hung
  Cheng Yat-Fai
Power Pod Technician
  Lee Chu-Wing   Luk Wa-Wai   James Lee On-Hong
  Lo Shui-Pang   Delon Cheung Dik-Lung   Tiger Lo Ming-Chuen
  Kenny Liao Chen-Chiang   Jonathan Chan Pak-Chun
Camera Assistant
  Wong Chi-Kuen   Ngai Man-Keung   Jack Lam Chak-Kwan
  Ho Man-Tat   Cheung Wing-Keung   Cheung Wai-Wing (2)
  Wong Kwok-Leung (2)   Carry Li Tsun-Hsiao   Eric Choi Ka-Cheung
  Chaturon Phantasritharakul   Chow Mei-Shing   Wong Ka-Kit (2)
  Ko Wing-Chai   Chiu Fu-Sum
  Wong Wai-Chuen
Best Boy
  Mike Lau Chi-Fai
  Ng Wai-Yin (3)   Cheung Sai-Tak   Lo Lau-Fai
  Man Chun-Wing   Mak Wing-Ki   Cheng Lap-Kei
  Ho Kai-On   Leung Wai-Hung (2)   Chiu Hung-On
  Lo Wing-Tong   Luk Yiu-Cheung   Lee Kam-Fai
  Leung Kim-Wai   Kenneth Mak Kwok-Keung   Poon Siu-Ho
  Fan Kam-Hay   Wong Man-Pan   Kan Wing-Fai
  Pun Hi-Hong   Chow Kim-Ho   Yu Wai-Chiu
  Leung Lam-Fai   Ho Kai-Lai   Lin Siu-Ming
Production and Costume Designer
  Man Lim-Chung
Assistant Art Director
  Renee Wong Wai-Yan   Irene Chan Wing-Shan   Bruce Chung Kai-Kit
Assistant Costume Designer
  Kwok Yin-Wai   Rennie Tse Wai-Yan
  Ma Kam-Shim
  Midco Chu Wai-Fong
Hair Stylist
  Gloria Lam Wai-Lok
  Eric Kwong Chi-Leung
Props Master
  Jackson Wong Wai-Ming
  Chan Yau-Hong   Fung Chi-Shing   Micky Ho Kwok-Hung
  Chui Kam-Wai   Yeung Chi-Ming   Ng Ching-Tam
  Law Wai-Man (4)   Tai Wing-Hung   Cheung Shui-Kim
  Lai Pui-Hung   Yeung Sui-Keung   Wong Kwok-Chuen (2)
  Cho Kwok-Wah   So Chi-Fai   Tang Chi-Kwan
Sound Mixer
  Dennis Chen Chi-Kien   Leung Chi-Tat
Boom Operator
  Leung Man-Kin   Mathew Lin Man-Ming
Original Music
  Peter Kam Pau-Tat
Action Choreographer
  Wong Wai-Fai
Car Stunts Director
  Thomson Ng Hoi-Tong
  Wong Wai-Tong   Wong Wai-Shun   Vincent Chan Yuk-Sing
  Jiang Ke-Cheng   Cheung Ping-Chuen   Adam Chan Chung-Tai
  Wong Chi-Wai   Lau Tze-Ming
  Albert Yeung Sau-Shing   Don Yu Dong   Li Ruigang
  Song Dai
Administrative Producer
  Albert Lee   Chen Liang   Yang Wenhong
  Cheung Hong-Tat
  Rong Chao
  Roddy Wong Yat-Ping   Jeffrey Chan Wing-Hung   Liu Yong (4)
  Stephen Lam Bing-Kwan
Production Manager
  Kenny Chan Wai-Yeung
Associate Production Manager
  Aaron Lai Ka-Ho
Assistant Production Manager
  Emily Chiu Man-Lai   Mae Lui Siu-Ming   Angel Tang On-Kei
Unit Manager
  Cheung Yuk-Wah (4)
Set Runner
  Yeung Chung-Yiu   Siu Chin-Hung   Chan Tze-Leung
  Nuyen Kar-Hoo   Ng Hon-Lung   Chan Ka-Kwun
  Li Shui-Keung   Wong Kwai-Yin   Chan Kwok-Kit
  Wong Kwai-Wing   Lai Kwok-Kit   Lau Chi-Kin (2)
  Law Chor-Nam   Devil Siu Siu-Chung   Tsang Ka-Kwan
  Mark Cheung Yiu-Fai   Chan Sai-Lung   Lam Kwok-Ping
  Chan Shu-Keung
Production Accountant
  Stella Tai Yin-Har
Still Photographer
  Catherine Lo Pui-Ling   Justine Yeung Ying-Ki   Piggy Chan Kam-Chuen
Tea Lady
  Lam Lai-Bing
Special Effects
  Bravo Digital Company Limited   Clement Cheng Yiu-Ming
Animation Director
  Raymond Chiu
Compositing Supervisor
  Tommy Cheung Chin-Wing
Senior Compositor
  Felix Lai Tsz-Fei
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Cinedigit Sound Ltd.
Sound Designer
  Nopawat Likitwong   Traithep Wongpaiboon
Re-Recording Mixer
  Nopawat Likitwong
Dialogue Recording
  Ip Siu-Kei   Jas Fung Seng-Hang
Dialogue Mixing
  Nip Kei-Wing
FCP Editing
  Wu Kai-Wai   Brian Li   Wong Chi-Hang (4)
Post-Production Coordinator
  Lillian Cheung Lai-Nei
Cantonese Dialogue Coach
  Lung Tin-Sang
Mandarin Dubbing Director
  Keung Siu-Leung
  Props Co., Ltd.
  Salon Films (HK) Ltd.
  TUI Insurance Consultants Limited
Optical Transfer
  Kantana Sound Studio
  Shaw Brothers Film Laboratory
Subtitle Production
  Postique Co., Ltd.