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馬文的戰爭 (2010)
Ma Wen's Battle
Alias: Mawen's Battle
Origin: China
Language: Mandarin 
Release Date (HK): 05/21/2010
  Andery Chang
  Andery Chang
  Qu Li-Nan
  Jiang Hong-Bo ... Yang Xin
  Cheng Taishen ... Ma Wen
  Wang Ji (2) ... Li Qin
  Li Meng-Nan ... Li Yi
  Bai Xiao Ying Nan ... Ma Hu
  Ye Shaoyan
  Qu Li-Nan
Art Director
  Zhou Yan
  Based on a popular TV series.

his film touches on the complex and twisted relationships between husband and wife, ex-couples and parents and children. Strange and awkward situations fueled by these difficult relationships make up this urban family dark comedy.

MA WENS BATTLE adapted from Chinese writer Ye Zhaoyan's best-selling same-named novel, depicts the story of Ma Wen and his wife Yang Xin, who cannot reach an agreement on the distribution of their common property--the house-- after they get divorced. As a result, Ma has to share a small room with his ex-wife, their young son, and his ex-wife's new lover. The four protagonists, struggling with the evolution of romantic relationships, have some clear-headed moments among their general confusion. Ma Wen, who feels useless and ordinary, wants to live a quiet life, yet must now endure the agonizing love battle caused by his housing problem. (HIFF)