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大俠梅花鹿 (1961)
The Fantasy of Deer Warrior
Alias: The Fantacy of Deer Worrier
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Hokkien 
Genres: Children's  Fantasy 
Release Date (HK): 09/07/1961
  Chang Ying (2)
  Chao Chih-Cheng
  Ling Yun (2) ... Sika Deer Warrior
  Pai Hung ... Miss Deer
  Lin Lin ... Erotic Fox
  Hsu Yu ... Goose Fairy
  Ou Yun-Lung    
  Li Min-Lang ... Elk
  Liu Yunlong (2)    
  Hsiao Lung (4) ... Birdy
  Chou Wan-Fen    
  Yang Wei-Hsi    
  Wang Ke    
  Chien Kuo-Chin    
  Chen Chin-Shui    
  Hsian Tai-Wang    
  Huang Jung-Chi    
  Kuo Chin-I    
  Tung Li    
Production Company
  Wan Shou Film Company
Assistant Director
  Liu Fen
Script Supervisor
  Su Xian-Rong
  Lee Hing-Yee
Focus Puller
  Chou Shu-Chen
  Dai Chian-Hsin   Wang Chai-Chun
Image Designer
  Ku I
  Yuen Lee-Man
  Wang Zheng-Yu
  Hsu Fu-Pao
Sound Recordist
  Liao Shi-Wu
Dance Choreographer
  Wei Ping-Ao
Production Manager
  Zhang Yun (2)
Unit Manager
  Ting Shi-Chie
Still Photographer
  Wang Ting-Wu
  Lee Lam (3)
Filming Location
  The animals of the forest live together in harmony. But one day, their arboreal paradise is threatened when a pack of wolves sets upon the lambs. Birdy (Xiao Long) is sent to alert Sika Deer (Ling Yun). However, Sika Deer is in the middle of a fight with Elk (Li Minlang) over the affections of Miss Deer (Bai Hong). By the time he turns up, it is too late. Meanwhile, the devious Foxy is jealous of demure and pure Miss Deer, and tries to trick her by telling her that Sika Deer has died. When she is exiled as a punishment, Foxy conspires with the wolves. Will the forest community be able to unite and fend off a new attack?