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泰拳王 (1990)
The King of the Kickboxers
Alias: No Retreat, No Surrender 4
Alias: Karate Tiger 4
Origin: United States
Language: English 
Genres: Martial Arts  Action 
Rating: R (United States) 
  Lo Yuen-Ming
  Keith W. Strandberg
Martial Arts Director
  Tony Leung Siu-Hung
  Keith W. Strandberg
  Boonlert Setthamongkol
  Loren Avedon ... Jake Donahue
  Richard Jaeckel ... Captain O'Day
  Don Stroud ... Interpol agent Anderson
  Billy Blanks ... Khan
  Keith Cooke ... Prang
  Sherrie Rose ... Molly
  Jerry Trimble ... Drug dealer
  Vincent Lyn ... Warehouse fighter/Drug Dealer's thug
  Steve Tartalia ... Warehouse fighter/Drug Dealer's thug
  Mark King ... NYC policeman
  David Michael Sterling ... Mr. McKinney
  William Long Jr. ... The Boss
  Bruce Fontaine ... Dan Handel
  John Kay ... The Director
  Michael Depasquale Jr. ... Sean Donahue
  Patrick Schuck ... Young Jake
  Ong Soo Han ... Thasi
  Choi Chung-Wing ... Drug dealer
  Leung Shing-Hung ... Khan's thug
  Patrick Ling Chi-Hung ... Khan's thug
  Ku Huen-Chiu ... Khan's thug
Production Company
  Seasonal Film Corporation
  Chiu Wai-Kin
  Poon Hung   Marco Mak Chi-Sin
  Richard Yuen Cheuk-Fan
Assistant Martial Arts Director
  Ku Huen-Chiu   Patrick Ling Chi-Hung
  Ng See-Yuen
Filming Locations
  New York
  Jake Donahue, a New York City police officer, is assigned by Interpol to stop an illegal snuff movie ring. When Jake learns the star of the films, Khan, is the same fighter who brutally killed his brother ten years ago, Jake goes looking for revenge. Before he can find Khan, he must undergo training from former Thai boxing champion Prang, the only one who had come close to defeating Khan in the ring.