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難忘的車站 (1965)
Unforgettable Train Station
Alias: Encounter at the Station
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Hokkien 
Genre: Drama 
Release Date (Taiwan): 10/16/1965
  Hsin Chi
  Chen Hsiao-Pi
  Tai Huang Pien-Pien
  Chin Mei ... Li Hsiao-Yu
  Ho Yu-Hua ... Hun-kiau
  Shih Chun ... Zhang Guo-Liang
  Chin Tu    
  Fu Ching-Hua    
  Ting Hsiang    
  Wen Chu    
  Ai Chai-Choi    
  Tai Pei-Shan ... Hsiao Ling
  Tai Che-Huang    
  Chen Tsai-Hsing    
  Ying Ying ... Mother Zhang
  Chou Wan-Sheng    
  Chou Yu    
  Chen Hsiao-Pi    
  Kuo Yeh-Jen    
Production Company
  Yongda Film Company, Ltd.
  Chin Hsing-Chi
Script Supervisor
  Hsu Feng-Chung
  Chen Jung-Shu
Focus Puller
  Chang Chun-Nan   Chang Ching-Yuan
  Tsai Yao-Ming
Best Boy
  Hsu Chia-Yuan   Choi Sam-Kat
  Chen Hsiao-Pi
  Nan Fang-Jen
Sound Recordist
  Lin Kun-Chi
  Yang San-Lang
Production Manager
  Tai Chuan-Li
Unit Manager
  Su Chin-Lung
Still Photographer
  Chen Chung-Yi
  Chou Wan-Sheng
Filming Location
  Thsui-giok (Jin Mei/Chin Mei) is a young high-school student who one day meets Gok-liong (Shi Jun/Shih Chun) at Fengyang station and they quickly fall in love. Unfortunately, Thsui-giok's adoptive mother dies and her adoptive father sells her as a hostess to a club to repay his debts. Gok-liong finds her there and buys her back to install her at his parents place. They get engaged and Gok-liong leaves to study in the US. One day, Thsui-giok is recognized by a former client and her future mother-in-law forces her to leave the house and pretend she has found a rich husband. She goes back to work as a hostess in Taichung. Sometime later, she meets Gok-liong, drunk and married to a woman, Hun-kiau, whom he neglects. They get back together and have a kid. Five years later, Hun-kiau discovers the existence of Thsui-giok and begs her to let her lover go back to his family. Thsui-giok agrees, but Gokliong loses his mind. Will the two lovers finally reunite?