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小偷們 (2012)
The Thieves
Alias: The Professionals
Alias: 盜賊們
Origin: South Korea
Languages: Cantonese  Mandarin  Japanese  Korean 
Genres: Action  Comedy  Thriller 
  Choi Dong-Hun
  Choi Dong-Hun
  Kim Yoon-Seok ... Macau Park
  Kim Hye-Soo ... Pepsi
  Lee Jung-Jae ... Popeye
  Jeon Ji-Hyun ... Anycall
  Kim Hae-Suk ... Chewing Gun
  Simon Yam Tat-Wah ... Chen
  Oh Dal-Su ... Andrew
  Kim Soo-Hyun ... Sampano
  Derek Tsang Kwok-Cheung ... Jonny
  Angelica Lee Sin-Je ... Julie
  So Wai-Nam ... Policeman
  Chan Hing-Hang ... Street vendor
Assistant Director
  Sunny Luk Kim-Ching
  The action drama The Thieves tells the story about a group of ten thieves from different backgrounds who have teamed up to steal a diamond hidden inside a casino located in Macao.