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忍者太保之胭脂劫 (1987)
Ninja Operation 7: Royal Warriors
Alias: Royal Warriors
Alias: Hands of Death
Alias: The Secret of the Lost Empire
Alias: ขุมทองแม่น้ำแคว
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: English 
Genre: Action 
  Godfrey Ho Chi-Keung
  Stephen Soul
  Joseph Lai San-Lun
  Betty Chan Kwai-Wa
  Richard Harrison    
  Mike Abbott    
  Geoffrey Brown    
  Yin Su-Li ... [GREAT ESCAPE footage]
  Sorapong Chatree ... [GREAT ESCAPE footage]
  Sze-Ma Lung ... [GREAT ESCAPE footage]
  Apiradee Pawaputanon ... [GREAT ESCAPE footage]
  Gary Carter    
  Lee Jae-Yeong ... [GREAT ESCAPE footage]
  An Dae-uk ... [GREAT ESCAPE footage]
Production Company
  IFD Films & Arts Ltd.
Production Manager
  Stephen Soul
  "Cut-and-paste" transformation of Korean-Taiwanese-Thai co-production movie "The Great Escape in Jungle" (1985; directed by Kim Jong-seong) with new Hong Kong footage.