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魔幻狂迷 (1987)
Zodiac Power: The Super Master
Alias: Zombie Rival: The Super Ninja Master
Alias: Zombie Vs Ninja
Alias: Zodiac America: The Super Master
Vengeance Video DVD title: Zombie Rivals
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: English 
Genre: Martial Arts 
  Lee Chiu (2)
  Joseph Lai San-Lun
  Betty Chan Kwai-Wa
  Pierre Kirby    
  Edowan Bersma    
  Patrick FrBezar    
  Jeong Jin-Hwa ... [THE UNDERTAKER... footage]
  Kim Yong-Wan ... [THE UNDERTAKER... footage]
  Kim Wook ... [THE UNDERTAKER... footage]
  Wang Ryong ... [THE UNDERTAKER... footage]
  Jin Noo-Ri ... [THE UNDERTAKER... footage]
  Jang Cheol ... [THE UNDERTAKER... footage]
  Kook Jeong-Hwan ... [THE UNDERTAKER... footage]
Production Company
  IFD Films & Arts Ltd.
  Cheung Hoi
  Vincent Leung Wing-Chan
Filming Locations
  Hong Kong
  South Korea
  Cut-and-paste" transformation of Korean movie "The Undertaker in Sohwa Province" (1983; directed by Kim Jung-yong) with new Hong Kong footage.