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淘金記 (1953)
The Gold Hunt
Alias: The Gold Rush
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Comedy 
Release Date (HK): 06/19/1953
  Kwong Kwong
  Gwong Chan
  Wong Chiu-Miu    
  Chow Kwun-Ling    
  Lau Kwai-Hong    
  Yee Chau-Sui    
  Mui Chun    
  Cheung Chi-Suen    
  To Sam-Ku    
  Miss Pui Pui    
Production Company
  Cheng Gung
Filming Company
  Gwok Ga (Guojia) Film Company
  A 3-D film. Executive Producer Kwong Tsan utilises a prismatic lens in filming and designed the 'Light-Inclining Spectacles' used especially for viewing this film. Kwong was devoted to the study of filming technology, having pioneered a recording system back in the 1930s named 'Kwong Tsan tone' and invented equipment such as the 'director's lamp' and 'nerve lens' to advance filming technique at the time. Features the canine star Miss Pui Pui in the cast. (HKFA)