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芳華 (2017)
Origin: China
Release Date (HK): 09/30/2017
  Feng Xiao-Gang
  Yan Geling
  Huang Xuan (1) ... Liu Feng
  Vivi Miao Miao ... Xiaoping
  Elaine Zhong Chuxi ... Suizi
  Yang Cai-Yu ... Dingding
  Li Xiao-Feng (3) ... Shuwen
  Zhao Li-Xin    
  Wang Tian-Cheng    
  Sophie Su Yan ... Dance instructor
  Cassie Zhou Fang ... Head nurse
  Zhang Ren-Bo    
  Sui Yuan    
  Wang Ke-Ru    
  Luo Pan
Art Director
  Shi Hai-Ying
  Zhao Lin   Dai Xiao-Fei
  Pulled from release just days before its scheduled release date, 9.29.17, by China's media regulator, the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. Feng's production company issued a statement the same day confirming that the movie would be postponed because of "discussions with the Film Bureau (a division within SAPPRFT) and other relevant parties." "After negotiating with the Film Bureau, we intend to accept the suggestions from every party and to change the release date," the statement added, suggesting that cuts or edits could be made to the film. (The Hollywood Reporter)