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大戰泗洲城 (1962)
Battle at Sizhou
HKFA: The Capture of the Evil Demons
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Chinese Opera 
Release Date (HK): 02/14/1962
  Wong Hok-Sing
  Fan Guk-Fa
  Fan Guk-Fa ... Madam Chiu
  Man Lan ... Choi So-Fong
  Lam Ka-Sing ... Yin Yuk-Hoi
  Chow Kwun-Ling ... Cheung Ying-Lin
  Leung Sing-Bo ... Choi
  Connie Chan Po-Chu ... Cheung Ying-Kit
  Sum Chi-Wah ... Monkey/Shrimp [2 roles]
  Chan Ho-Kau ... Clam spirit
  Ho King-Fan ... Dragon spirit
  Leung Bo-Chu ... Cheung Ying Tsui
  Pak Lung-Chu    
  Cheung Sing-Fei    
  Tam Ting-Kwun ... Fatty Yeung
  Fong Fei ... Goddess Guanyi
  Hung Dou-Tzi ... So-Fong's sister
  San Seng-Bo    
  Lau Lau ... Young turtle
Production Company
  Chun Chau
Assistant Director
  Liu Jian
Script Supervisor
  Lee Shui-Jan
  Lam Tin-Sum
  Poon Cheuk
Production Manager
  Koo Man-Kuen
  Madam Chiu has spent ten years in Purple Bamboo Mountain to practice martial art. The Goddess asks her to help the less privileged and the poor. On her way, Chiu meets Choi So-fong, a young lady who is searching for a magic plant to cure her father's illness. Chiu cures her father and asks Fong to practice with her. The two then meet Yin Yuk-hoi, who is robbed. They help him to fight the robbers and Hoi decides to follow Chiu as well. Later in the night, three brothers and sisters from the Cheung family also join Chiu to go back to the Mountain. Fong's father plans to build a Goddess temple. The construction work has annoyed monsters in the river. At the time, Fong and the rest of the team are coming back to the city. Fong and Hoi have fallen in love. However, Fong's father has arranged for a competition to help her look for a husband. Fong decides to let Hoi win the game. But to her surprise, a sea dragon monster uses its magic to win the game. Hoi and the sea dragon monster fight and the latter is defeated. The monster returns to the river to discuss the situation with the clam monster who adores Hoi. The clam monster kidnaps Hoi and takes her to the river. Hoi tricks her and escapes, which makes her really angry. The clam monster decides to flood Sizhou. Chiu leads all her pupils to fight the monsters. Not only does she manage to capture the monsters, she also gets them back on the right path. After this incident, Chiu officially finishes her practice and becomes a goddess. - HKFA