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夫妻的秘密 (1962)
Secrets Between Husband and Wife
Alias: Happy Couples
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Romantic Comedy 
Release Date (HK): 05/30/1962
  Mok Hong-See
  Mok Hong-See
  Wong Cheuk-Hon
  Ting Ying ... Lee Yuk-Lan
  Wu Fung ... Chow Ka-Bik
  Cheung Yee (2) ... Wu Bun
  Helena Law Lan ... Mrs. Wu
  Chiang Kuang-Chao ... Chun Chi-Kin
  Yang Pei-Yun ... Miss Sze
  Tam Lan-Hing ... Mrs. Chun
  Cheng Kwun-Min    
  Lee Pang-Fei ... Mr. Chan
  To Sam-Ku    
  Sai Gwa-Pau ... Office worker
  Fa Bik-Ha    
  Ho Pak-Kwong ... Hotel clerk A
  Lau Chun ... Hotel clerk B
  Chow Wai-Fong ... woman on beach
Production Company
  Lan Kwong Film Co.
  Lan Kwong Film Co. ( )
Assistant Director
  Chan Lit-Ban
Script Supervisor
  Lee Hak
  Suen Lun
  Lau Siu (3)
  Lai Siu-Wah
  Sung Ming
Sound Recordist
  Woo Ching
Production Manager
  Kong Man
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  'Happy Couples' is a story of marriage, jealousy and trust. The newlyweds, Ting Ying and Woo Fung, are neighbours to Cheung Yee and his wife of seven years. To land a job as the manager's secretary in Cheung's office, Ting must keep her marital status under wraps. But she is not the only liar. Cheung has been keeping a mistress and a son behind his wife's back long before he got the seven-year itch. Needless to say, secrets are discovered under the most unlikely of circumstances. (HKFA press release)