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七彩神火棒 (1964)
The Club of Magic Flame
Alias: Magic Fire Rod
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Martial Arts 
Release Date (HK): 05/13/1964
  Wong Hok-Sing
  Leung Shan-Yan
  Lee Siu-Wan
  Lee Siu-Wan
Club of Magic Flame, The (1964)
  Yu Lai-Zhen ... Ching Chau-Wan
  Tang Pik-Wan ... Lam Hoi-Suet
  Lam Ka-Sing ... Ching Chin-Pang
  Josephine Siao Fong-Fong ... Yip Ching-Sheung
  Lee Heung-Kam ... Yuen Yee-Leung
  Lau Hak-Suen ... Chow Wai-Kwan
  Cheung Sang ... Chung / Servant
  Yeung Yip-Wang ... Ching Tin-Lok
  Simon Yuen Siu-Tin ... Monk
  Chow Siu-Loi ... Monk
  Gwan Jing-Leung ... Monk
  Wan Ling-Kwong    
Production Company
  Lux Film Company
Assistant Director
  Liu Jian (1)
Script Supervisor
  Lee Shui-Jan
  Chui Yam-Yuk
  Woo Bing-Hung
Art Director
  Leung Chi-Hing
Costume Designer
  Chan Kwan (2)
  Tse Tsak-Yuen
Hair Stylist
  Peng Yen-Lien
  Tong Kim-Ting
  Lam Wah-Sam
Sound Recordist
  Chui Wah-Sang
Production Manager
  So Che-Ming
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Chin-pang's stepmother has an affair with his father's apprentice and they kill his father. Though Chin-pang knows their conspiracy, he tries hard to survive because he is too young and weak. His sister Chau-wan has been away from home for several years studying martial art. When she comes back, she is told by a loyal servant the truth of her father's death and she vows to take revenge for her father. Considering that she may not be able to defeat her stepmother, she trains herself secretly the art of using the Magic Fire Club. In order not to arouse any suspicion, she pretends to follow her stepmother's words and ill-treats Chin-pang. Even though Chin-pang tells her the conspiracy of their stepmother, she purposely says good words for her, which makes Chin-pang feel miserable and frustrated. Hoi-suet, who stays at their tavern, feels pity for him and makes good friend with him. Hoi-suet's jade Buddha is stolen away by their stepmother, and when Chin-pang and Hoi-suet try to get it back, they are trapped. At that time, being able to master the Magic Fire Club skillfully, Chau-wan plans to save her bother and take revenge for her father, but is injured by a hidden weapon. When knowing her plan, the stepmother wants to kill them. Suddenly their father appears and kills the stepmother and his apprentice. Their father discloses that he heals his injuries after having been saved from his burial. Now the revenge is taken and the Club is given to Chin-pang to right the wrongs. -- From the HKFA