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龍沐香 (1970)
Cold Blade
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
Release Date (HK): 12/31/1970
  Chor Yuen
  Chor Yuen
Martial Arts Directors
  Chen Kuan-Tai
  Chan Siu-Pang
  Choo Kok-Leong
  Melinda Chen Man-Ling    
  Kao Yuen    
  Ingrid Hu Yin-Yin    
  Cheung Ban    
  Paul Chu Kong    
  Tsung Yu    
  Kong San    
  Li Ying (8)    
  Lau Kong    
  Lee Man-Tai    
  Chen Kuan-Tai    
  Tung Choi-Bo    
  Chow Siu-Loi    
  Yeung Wai    
  Wong Kin-Wah    
  Cheng Mei-Mei    
  Lau Wai-Man (2)    
Production Company
  Cathay Studio
  Lee Man-Kit (2)
  Sung Siu-Kong
  Wang Zhao-Xi
Sound Recordist
  Yan Sit-Ping
Production Manager
  Yeo Ban-Yee
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  This is a film of great importance. It's the first Mandarin martial arts film by Chor Yuen, marking the turning point in the career of the great director. Chor had enjoyed a successful career in the Cantonese cinema before his highly unlikely feat of making a glorious crossover to the other side of Hong Kong film's dialect divide. After Cold Blade, he would go on to make a string of similarly stylized swordplay films that are considered exemplary works of martial arts cinema. Cold Blade was considered lost when a print was discovered a few years back, generating great excitement despite the misfortune that a segment of the print was without sound. The Hong Kong Film Archive was fortunate to have located another print with a complete soundtrack, safeguarded in France by the collector Marie-Claire Quiquemelle. Though the lengths of the two prints do not match, the Archive's conservation team was able to restore the film to a condition much closer to that of the original. Extensive color grading was also done when this restored print was struck. (HKFA)