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山中傳奇 (1979)
Legend of the Mountain
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin 
Genres: Fantasy  Ghost 
Theatrical Run (HK): 10/04/1979 - 10/10/1979
Box Office: HK $734,936
  King Hu
  Chung Ling
Martial Arts Director
  Ng Ming-Choi
  Wong Cheuk-Hon
  Shih Chun (2) ... Ho Qing-Yun
  Hsu Feng ... Miss Le ('Mandy')
  Sylvia Chang Ai-Chia ... Yi Yun ('Cloud')
  Tien Feng ... Raggedy madman (old Zhang)
  Ng Ming-Choi ... Lama
  Tung Lin ... Tsui Hong-Zhe
  Rainbow Hsu Chai-Hong ... Madame Wang
  Wu Chia-Hsiang ... Woodcutter
  Chen Hui-Lou ... Sifu Yang Lao-Dao
  Sun Yueh ... Han Jing-Lue
  Kam Man-Ting    
  Jeon Shook ... Cloud's mother
  Chin Chang-Ken ... Abbot
  Lu Chun (3)    
Production Company
  Prosperity Film Company
Filming Company
  First Films
  Winson Entertainment (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Tung Lin   Fred Tan Hon-Cheung
Script Supervisor
  Catherine Lau Ga-Wai
  Joe Chan Jun-Git
Focus Puller
  Stephen Poon Tak-Yip
  Cheung Sing-Tung
Art Director
  King Hu
  Lee Lai-Kuen
Hair Dressing
  Chan Lai-Ying
  King Hu   Siu Nam
  Yip Kwok-Chi
Sound Recordist
  Chow Shao-Lung
  Wu Da-Jiang
  King Hu
Production Manager
  Suen Ga-Man   Robert Chan Law-Bat
Still Photographer
  Chung Kei-Chong
Filming Location
  South Korea
  Scholar Ho (Shih Jun) is charged with the task of transcribing some ancient Buddhist sutras, and travels to an old fort to perform the task in peace and quiet, since the army stationed there were either killed or evacuated. He finds the fort somewhat less then deserted, however, when the mysterious Mr Tsui shows up with his bizarre friend Chang (played by veteran actor Tin Fung). More strange figures appear, including an old washerwoman and Melody (Hsu Feng), a striking would-be scholar who is adept at playing the Chinese drum. To further complicate matters, after a supposed romantic encounter with Melody while under the influence, Ho finds himself morally blackmailed into matrimony. There's also a mysterious and beautiful flautist who periodically appears to Ho, only to disappear when he gets close. What's more, the sutras he's transcribing are said to wield terrible power amongst the demons of the underworld.