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原野 (1988)
The Savage Land
Origin: China
Genre: Historical Drama 
Theatrical Run (HK): 10/29/1981 - 11/04/1981
Box Office: HK $708,893
  Ling Ji
  Ling Ji
  Yang Zai-Bao ... Qiu Hu
  Liu Xiao-Qing ... Jin Zi
  Ma Lin (2) ... Young Qiu Hu
  Sun Min (2)    
  Liu Jian (11)    
Production Company
  Nan Hai Film Company
  Hua Wen Film Company (Hong Kong)
  China Film Distribution and Exhibition Corporation (China)
  Cao Yu
  Luo De-An
Art Director
  Yang Zhan-Jia   Ma Gai-Wa
Sound Recordist
  Lai Qi-Zhen
  An "Eastern Western", based on a morality play by Tsao Yu. An escaped convict returns for his childhood sweetheart, and is not at all perturbed to find she has married. Nor is the girl, and they vow to run away together. But he has business to conduct first, and it has to do with the surviving family of the now-dead landlord who brutally murdered his father.