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中華武術 (1983)
This Is Kung Fu
US DVD title: Shaolin One
Compilation release title: Jet Li - The Kung Fu Years
Origin: Hong Kong
Genre: Documentary 
Box Office: HK $2,029,235
  Chung Yee
  Yeung Chung
  Chung Yee
  Yeung Chung
Martial Arts Directors
  Ng Ban (2)
  Ren Ji-Hua
  Wu Yang-Qian
  Jet Li Lian-Jie ... Biographical role
  Liang Chang-Xing ... Xingi Quan demonstrator
  Li Xia ... Long tassle sword demonstrator
  Yu Shao-Wen ... Chang Quan demonstrator
  Hui Xu-Na ... Emei Daggers demonstrator
  Wang Jian-Jun ... Staff demonstrator
  Ge Chun-Yan ... Bagua and Tai Chi demonstrator
  Xu Xiang-Dong ... Eagle Claw demonstrator
  Hao Zhi-Hua ... Sabre demonstrator
  Lu Yan ... 3-Section Staff demonstrator
  Li Zhi-Zhou ... Drunken Sword demonstrator
  Pan Qing-Fu ... Opening sword routine
  Li Jun-Feng    
  Naam Hoi (Hong Kong)
  Che Wah-Kei   Yeung Chung
  Zhang Peng
  Jin Zhao-Long
Sound Recordist
  Bao Hua (2)
  Zhou Guang-Tie
Production Manager
  Zhou Hui Zhong
  Wu Shu (Martial Arts or Kung Fu), one of the many treasures of the cultural heritage of China, is a traditional sport item endowed with unique national character. In this film Wu Shu is introduced and demonstrated by authentic masters of martial arts. Shot on locations in the cradles of Wu Shu, the audience can observe the many historical relics as well as enjoy the brilliant performances by the best from each school, displaying their skills in various items. -DVD Synopsis