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ๆ€•้†œไป” (1983)
The Shy Boy
Origin: Hong Kong
Genre: Comedy 
Release Date (HK): 09/28/1983
Box Office: HK $28,035,471
  Wong Wa-Kei
  So Jing-Man
  Chik Ying-Ming
  Lau Chun-Wah
  Wong Wa-Kei
  Wong Wa-Kei
  Wong Yu ... Chu Siu Tao [title char]
  Margaret Lee Din-Long ... Bikini
  Chan Sau-Man ... Green Sleeve
  David Wu Dai-Wai ... Fu Wo Yau
  Lau Yat-Fan ... Detective
  Leung Ming ... Supervisor
  Poon Man-Ban    
  Yu Miu-Lin ... Plaster-faced woman [uncred/d]
  Cheung Ling-Mei    
  Wong Suet-Mui    
  Cheung Hing-Wong    
  Lee Chun-Wa ... Robber
  Wong Siu-Ming (3) ... Robber
  Ha Kwok-Wing ... Robber
  Lam Yuen    
  Tang Yuk-Wing ... Husband of Plaster-faced woman
Production Company
  Kay's Productions
Assistant Director
  Kwok Tai-Tak
  Sung Fu-Gan
  David Wu Dai-Wai
  David Wu Dai-Wai
Production Manager
  Chui Po-Chu   Wan Ga-Man
  Chu Siu Tao is a skilled fencer, and runs a class, but avoids women because of bad childhood experiences. Too bad, as at least one young girl is after him. Three flatmates, Green Sleeve (nice girl), Teh Sum (flirt) and Bikini (tart), are in his class. After a thief steals Green Sleeve's purse, her secret love for Siu Tao is revealed. At first, the two bolder flatmates scheme to get her and Siu Tao together. But after one of the schemes fail, Siu Tao is forced into defending the girls against knife-wielding attackers. This causes the other two girls to fall for him as well. The friends thus become rivals.