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人嚇鬼 (1984)
Hocus Pocus
MegaStar DVD Title: Hogus Pogus
Origin: Hong Kong
Genre: Ghost 
Theatrical Run (HK): 01/12/1984 - 01/25/1984
Box Office: HK $6,959,168
  Chin Yuet-Sang
  Au Bing-Naam
Martial Arts Director
  Sammo Hung Stuntmen's Association
  Sammo Hung Kam-Bo
  Stephen Tung Wai ... Kuei
  Law Ho-Kai ... Chia
  Lam Ching-Ying ... Master Sheng
  Peter Chan Lung ... Piao
  Chin Yuet-Sang ... Wandering ghost
  Tai San ... Fierce ghost
  Lau Nga-Lai ... Sister Lai
  Ka Lee ... Guang
  Chang Ching-Po ... Opera troupe boss
  Ng Min-Kan ... Opera troupe member
  Yuen Miu ... Opera troupe member
  Paco Yick Tin-Hung ... Opera troupe member
  Wong Kwan-Hong ... Opera troupe member
  Cheung Hei ... Opera sponsor
  Wu Ma ... Hawker customer
  Fung Ging-Man ... Restaurant boss
  Wong Hung ... Restaurant customer
  Chow Gam-Kong ... Extra
  Sa Au ... Extra
  Ha Kwok-Wing ... Extra
  Johnny Cheung Wa ... Extra
  Lee Fat-Yuen ... Extra
  Sek Lap-Fai ... Extra
  Cheung Ping-Chuen ... Extra
Production Companies
  Bo Ho Films Co., Ltd.
  Paragon Films Ltd.
  Golden Harvest Productions (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Chang Ching-Po   Au Bing-Naam
Script Supervisor
  Law Yiu-Lam
  Danny Lee Yau-Tong   Ricky Lau Koon-Wai
Focus Puller
  Ng Tin-Sung   Yuen Chun-Wah
  Huang Wei-Shing   Leung Wai-Tong (2)   Au Chok-Lam
  Chu Sheng-Shi
  Simon Chan Kwok-Hong
  Peter Cheung Yiu-Chung
  Cheung Foo-Wing
Sound Recordist
  Chow Shao-Lung
  Wu Ma
Production Manager
  Billy Chan Wui-Ngai
Unit Manager
  Cheung Yiu-Leung
Still Photographer
  Chan Yuk (2)
  Chan Chap-Hung   Jonathan Ting Yuen-Tai   CinetWork
  Cine Art Laboratory Ltd.
  Wong Ping
  Ding Yue
  "The troupe's imagination is stirred by Uncle Sheng's telling of the ghostly tale, and they begin to tell tales of their own, spooking each other out, and pulling elaborate pranks. Kuei is a minor actor in the troupe but he commands a lot of respect from the other small time players. The lead actor, Chin, is cocky and generally disliked. Kuei and the others play a prank on Chin, pretending to be ghosts after he gets back drunk off his ass. They scare him half to death. The next day, Chin starts a fight with all of them, swearing revenge..." - Megastar DVD synopsis