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鬼媾人 (1989)
Ghost Fever
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Golden Harvest 
Genres: Ghost  Comedy 
Theatrical Run (HK): 04/20/1989 - 05/09/1989
Box Office: HK $5,918,111
  Lau Shut-Yue
  Wong Jing (1)
Martial Arts Director
  Sherman Wong Jing-Wa
  Wong Tin-Lam
  Wong Jing (1) ... Wong Siu-Cheong
  Nat Chan Pak-Cheung ... Au
  Max Mok Siu-Chung ... Hui Zen
  Charlie Cho Cha-Lee ... Brands / Ba Lan Si
  Rosamund Kwan Chi-Lam ... Pinkey
  Pat Ha Man-Jik ... Ling
  Eliza Yue Chi-Wai ... Molly
  Chan Fung-Bing ... Elizabeth Lee
  Cheung Kwok-Wah ... Elizabeth's boyfriend
  Hui Ying-Sau ... Grandfather Lin Wen-Chi
  Yip Hon-Leung ... Master Yip
  Amy Yip Ji-Mei ... Nancy
  Eddy Ko Hung ... Johnny Fan
  Lam Si-Man    
  Lam Hong    
  Sherman Wong Jing-Wa    
  Mama Hung ... Pinkey's mother
  Dan Mintz ... Buddist master
  Lui Siu-Ming ... One of Cheong's friends
  Yeung Sai-Gwan ... Policeman
  Nam Wai ... Policeman
  Kenneth Smyth    
Production Company
  Grand March Movie Production Co., Ltd.
  Grand March Movie Production Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Lung Tin-Sang
Script Supervisor
  Lam Goon-Kiu
  Lee San-Yip
  Lau Tit-Chi (2)
Art Director
  Joe Hau Wing-Choi
Costume Designer
  Ho Teng-Ngo
  Chung Shiu-Gei   Chan Man-Fai (1)
Hair Stylist
  Silkcut Salon
  Robert Choi Hung
  Wong Kwok-Wai (1)
  Chow Laap-Gei
Production Manager
  Lam Hong
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Cinema City Recording Studio
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  A one-night stand with a mysterious woman proves deadly when the disloyal husband discovers that she is a ghost! [from the Tai Seng Catalog] "Fatal Attraction" meets "Poltergeist". Nice family man Siu Cheong moves into a creepy mansion with his pregnant wife, her very young sister and his grandfather. After much pushing by two lecherous co-workers, Siu Cheong spends the night with pretty Pinkey, who works on a different floor. Pinkey's creepy family warn Siu Cheong to treat her well. Siu Cheong doesn't return. Pinkey is heartbroken, and her sister Molly decress vengeance. Bad luck for Siu Cheong and his family and friends, as Pinkey and Co are ghosts, killed in a vicious axe attack by Pinkey's boyfriend Johnny.