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旺角馬場 (1992)
Sex Racecourse
Alias: Sex for Sale
Origin: Hong Kong
Circuit: Cathay 
Genres: Adult  Triad 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run (HK): 08/13/1992 - 08/27/1992
Box Office: HK $2,891,253
  Leonard Heung Lap-Hang
  Choi Yau Git
  Goo Laap-San
Martial Arts Director
  Sam Feng-San
  Wong Saai-Kuen
  Lee Yuet-Sin ... KiKi
  Choi Yau Git ... Kit
  Cindy Yip Sin-Yi ... Mandy
  Steven Poon Tak-Chuen    
  Ku Ming-Wah    
  Cheung Tak-Wing    
  Chui Chui-Lun    
  Siu Wai-Bo    
  David Lai Wai-Ming ... Policeman
  Wong Wing-Fong ... [Guest star]
  Chai Hon ... [Guest star]
  Unknown 90s Actor (13)    
  Unknown 90s Actor (18)    
  Lui Siu-Ming    
  Jacky Cheung Chun-Hung    
  Lam Kwok-Kit    
  Lee Chuen-Sing    
  Leung Kei-Hei    
Production Company
  Rising Fortune Films Co., (H.K.)
  Golden Mark Film Distribution Company Limited (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Alan Mak Siu-Fai
  Ko Chiu-Lam
  Eric Chan Hoi-Yan
Art Director
  Gwok Shing-Chi
  Chan Yuk-Yee
  Vincent Leung Wing-Chan
  Cheng Keung   Wong Saai-Kuen
  Choi Yau Git
Production Manager
  Lee Yuk-Jan
  Warning : the print I saw was entitled "Sex For Sale", but it is not the 1993 movie of that name. The story mainly concerns the escapades of two girls from Kuala Lumpur working as short-time cheap-motel pros in HK. Mandy and KiKi are friends who only serviced two or three men a night at home, but are expected to do 20 or 30 in HK. KiKi quips that HK men come quicker. Their new boss, the animalistic Kan, allocates his faithful man Kit to guard/escort Mandy, and the idiotic gambling addict Shing to guard KiKi. The girls are ferried in and out of many shabby hotel rooms and get busted a couple of times. During one bust, they get a taste of how corrupt CID detective Big Eye Tai gets results - by beating the crap out of suspects. A quote to ponder : "I will give you a good lesson no sooner". Big Eye is also good friends with Kan, and his boss, the Madam Inspector, turns a blind eye, until one of the girls sets him up. There is treachery and gang rivalry, but love seems possible as well, as Mandy and Kit find it increasingly harder to hide their feelings for each other.