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龍騰四海 (1992)
Gun n' Rose
Alias: Gun & Rose
Alias: Gun And Rose
Alias: Dragons in Action
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Golden Princess 
Genres: Action  "Bullet Ballet" 
Theatrical Run (HK): 06/05/1992 - 06/18/1992
Box Office: HK $14,944,759
  Clarence Ford
  Wai Ka-Fai
Action Choreographer
  Lau Shung-Fung
  Alan Tang Kwong-Wing
  Alan Tang Kwong-Wing ... Alan Lung
  Andy Lau Tak-Wah ... Andy
  Leon Lai Ming ... Leon
  Simon Yam Tat-Wah ... Simon Lung
  Monica Chan Fat-Yung ... Monica Shum
  Carrie Ng Ka-Lai ... Carrie
  Rachel Lee Lai-Chun ... Loletta
  Michael Chan Wai-Man ... Brother Chicken
  John Ching Tung ... Bee
  Bowie Lam Bo-Yi ... Bowie Lung
  Tien Feng ... Lung Yat Fu
  Joey Leung Wing-Chung ... Skinny
  Wong Kim-Fung ... Fung
  Lau Shung-Fung ... Simon's gangster
  Adam Chan Chung-Tai ... Simon's gangster
  Hung Chi-Sing ... Simon's gangster
  Kwan Yung ... Alan's bodyguard
  Leung Sam (2) ... Alan's gangster
  Wong Kam-Tong ... Alan's gangster
  Leung Gam-San ... Heroin dealer
  Wan Seung-Lam ... Heroin dealer's thug
  Peter Ngor Chi-Kwan ... Lecherous patient
  Chan Sek ... Bee's gangster
  Lam Foo-Wai ... Bee's gangster
  Hui Sze-Man ... Monica's mother
  Fan Chin-Hung ... Rival gang member
  Unknown 90s Police Actor (1) ... Policeman
  Rico Chu Tak-On ... Biker
  Ho Hon-Chau ... Alan's gangster
  Tsim Siu-Ling ... Extra
  Choi Hin-Cheung ... Extra
  Lau Tze-Ming ... Extra
  Choi Kin-Shing ... Extra
  Hui Wai-Keung ... Extra
  Kong Miu-Deng ... Extra
Production Company
  In-Gear Film Production Co., Ltd.
Filming Company
  In-Gear Film Production Co., Ltd.
  Golden Princess Amusement Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Gap Ling-Yeun   Leung Pak-Kin
Script Supervisor
  Kwok Man-Ki
  Ray Wong Chi-Wai
Focus Puller
  Chow Siu-On
  Wong Chi-Wah
Best Boy
  Leung Shing-Kei
Art Director
  Ganni Ma Chi-Ming
Assistant Art Director
  Tang Chi-Ming (3)
Costume Designer
  Lau Mei-Chun
Image Designer
  Shirley Chan Koo-Fong
Costume Assistant
  Hilda Choi Yin-Man
  Chow Man-Kuen
Hair Stylist
  Cheung Man-Wai
  Norman Wong Chi-Hung
  Wong Chi-On
Original Music
  Lowell Lo Koon-Ting
  Sherman Chow Gam-Cheung
Assistant Martial Arts Director
  Fan Chin-Hung   Kwan Yung
Car Stunts Director
  Chen Chunkun
  Rover Tang Kwong-Chow
  Lai On-Yi
Production Manager
  Alice Lee Mei-Seung   Chao Chen-Kuo
Associate Production Manager
  Marguerite Cheung Yuen-Yee   Chan Chiu-Pang
Assistant Production Manager
  Yeung Ka-Sing   Choi Kwok-Keung
Unit Manager
  Kwok Kap-Cheung
Tea Lady
  Kwok Yung (2)
  Fok Kam-Tong
  Hollywood Film Service Company
Recording Studio
  Foo Leng Recording Studio
Mixing Studio
  Mandarin Recording Studio Ltd.
  Kwong Wai-Hung
Cantonese Dialogue
  Alexander Lee Chung-Keung
Mandarin Dialogue
  Wong King-Ping
  Toplight Engineering Limited
  Union Film Laboratory, Limited
  Fine Art Production Co.
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Taiwanese gang boss Jeff appoints his adopted son Alan as hissuccessor over his two biological sons, Simon and Bowie. But greed takes precedence over family loyalty as Bowie turns police informant in an attempt to put Alan in jail. Jeff asks Simon to kill Bowie. Simon tries to kill Alan as well. Alan escapes to Hong Kong, where he happily begins a new, peaceful life. But fate intervenes. He befriends an uprighteous gang leader and in doing so, alienates two drug dealers, Chuck and Bee. Alan dispatches of Chuck and Bee, but discovers that Simon has joined forces with them. Convinced to reclaim his rightful place atop his father's gang, Alan sails home to Taiwan to meet Simon in one final battle.[from Rim Films Catalog] {Not to be confused with "Guns and Roses", which also stars Simon Yam.}