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滅門慘案之孽殺 (1993)
Daughter of Darkness
Origin: Hong Kong
Circuit: Mandarin 
Genres: Adult  Crime 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run (HK): 10/28/1993 - 11/25/1993
Box Office: HK $13,270,305
  Ivan Lai Gai-Ming
  Gwai Book
Action Choreographers
  Chan Shiu-Wa
  Alan Chan Kwok-Kuen
  Kimmy Suen Ging-On
  Anthony Wong Chau-Sang ... Captain Lui
  Lily Chung Suk-Wai ... Mak Wei Fong
  Money Lo Man-Yee ... Dong Huan
  William Ho Ka-Kui ... Papa Mak
  Hugo Ng Doi-Yung ... Kin
  Chan Yuk-Kwan    
  Ng Chin-Yan    
  Lo Hung ... Ping
  Gam Biu ... Man living opposite Kin
  Che Kau-Wa ... Policeman
  Lee Wan-Fei (2) ... Villager at police station
  Lee Sam    
  Wong Hung ... Gambling house suspect
  Wong Ching-Yee    
  Leung Kai-Chi ... Fung
  Hui Sze-Man ... Gossiping woman
  Lui Siu-Ming    
  Yau Wai-Ling ... Neighbor
  Pak Yuet-Kiu    
  Ng Siu-Bo    
  Lau Yin-Wai    
  Chiu Wai (2) ... Fong's mother
  Leung Kei-Hei    
  Asuka Tamami ... Asked to star in sex movie
  Monica Lo Suk-Yee ... Fong's sister
  Unknown 90s Actor (14) ... Lawyer
  Chan Fung-Bing ... Midwife in prison
Production Companies
  Scholar Films Co., Ltd.
  Martini Film Co. Ltd.
  Mandarin Films Distribution Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Sam Leong Tak-Sam   Ma Kim-Ying
Director of Photography
  Lee Kin-Keung
Focus Puller
  Ronnie Au Ka-On
Camera Team
  Fung Chi-Wai (2)   Lau Wai-Ming (2)
  Fung Kam-Wing
Lighting Team
  Tsang Chau-Ming   Wong Ming-Hoi (2)
Art Director
  Wilson Lam Wai-Sum
Costume Designer
  Cheung Yuk-Yue
  Elsa Chan Kit-Ling
  Tsoi Siu-Chun
  Robert Choi Hung
Props Master
  Lee Wai-Cheong
  Wong Chi-Chiu (3)   Chan Ka-Tim
Original Music
  Jonathon Wong Bong
  Choi Chung-Lam   Kimmy Suen Ging-On
  Ng Kwok-Kuen
Production Manager
  Kiat Cheuk-Yip
Associate Production Manager
  Yeung Ka-Sing
  Luk Kam-Koo
Production Accountant
  Chun Kam-San
Still Photographer
  Cheng Ching-Cheung
Recording Studio
  Mandarin Recording Studio Ltd.
  Ng Kwok-Wah
  Lo Hung
  Hang Wan Cinematic Equipment Rental Limited
  Mandarin Laboratory (International) Ltd.
  Fine Art Production Co.
  Lily Chung portrays a misunderstood teenager sexually abused by her stepfather on a one-track road to murder and bloodshed. [from the Tai Seng Catalog] Captain Lui is excited that a multiple killing has occurred in his district. He surveys the incredibly gory crime scene and does his best to pack it with the cruelest, sickest gallows humour imaginable. Example : a girl's body lies in the bath, strangled with a scarf (this is the one who blinks !). Lui takes the scarf and wipes his face with it. Lui questions the only survivor, Mak Wei Fong, with an equal lack of consideration. Her story of abuse by her demonic father and the brutal indifference of her family unfolds.........