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新英雄本色 (1994)
Return to a Better Tomorrow
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Golden Harvest 
Genre: Action 
Theatrical Run (HK): 07/14/1994 - 07/27/1994
Box Office: HK $8,177,647
  Wong Jing
  Wong Jing
Martial Arts Directors
  Dion Lam Dik-On
  Poon Kin-Kwan
  Wong Jing
  Lau Ching-Wan ... Lobster Tsui
  Ekin Cheng Yee-Kin ... Tong Chun
  Chingmy Yau Suk-Ching ... Chilli
  Ben Lam Kwok-Bun ... Lui Wei
  Ngai Sing ... Holland Boy
  James Wong Jim ... Barrister Wong Tai-Man
  Michael Wong Man-Tak ... Duke Simon
  Paul Chun Pui ... Fred Simon
  Isabel Leung Pooi-Woo ... Ting Tong
  Fung Chung-Yee ... Little Lobster
  Parkman Wong Pak-Man ... Officer But
  Chan Chi-Fai ... Bill Tung
  John Ching Tung ... Brother Chiu
  Lo Meng ... Black Ox
  Wong Chi-Keung (5) ... Black Ox's thug
  Hau Woon-Ling ... Street cleaner
  Lee Siu-Kay ... Officer torturing Lobster
  Law Shu-Kei ... Judge
  Gary Mak Wing-Lun ... Uncle Five
  Cheng Ka-Sang ... Wei's assassin in motel
  Ho Wing-Cheung ... Wei's assassin in motel
  Lui Siu-Ming ... Dumbell, Chun's gang member
  Lam Kwok-Kit ... Chun's gang member
  Jacky Cheung Chun-Hung ... Bill's thug
  Hon Ping ... Bill's assassin in restaurant
  Aman Chang ... Bill's assassin in restaurant
  Mak Wai-Cheung ... Bill's assassin in restaurant
  Dave Lam Ching ... Bill's assassin in restaurant
  Wu Zhan-Peng ... Bill's assassin in restaurant
  Choi Kwok-Ping ... Bill's assassin in restaurant
  Jackson Ng Yuk-Sue ... Bill's assassin in dumpster truck
  Lam Foo-Wai ... Bill's assassin in dumpster truck
  Choi Hin-Cheung ... Bill's assassin in dumpster truck
  Lee Yiu-King ... Rascal
  Tang Chiu-Yau ... Rascal
  Law Wai-Kai ... Panther's thug
  Lui Tat ... Old patient
  Fong Yue ... Old patient's wife
  Ernest Mauser ... Snr Police Officer
  Simon Cheung Yuk-San ... Policeman
  Unknown 80s Police Actor (5) ... Policeman
  Unknown 90s Police Actor (1) ... Policeman
  Unknown 90s Actor (9) ... Lawyer
  Unknown 90s Actor (17) ... Bodyguard
  Alex Yip Choi-Nam ... Assassin
  Unknown 90s Actor (18) ... Panther's thug
  Unknown 90s Police Actor (6) ... Policeman
  Unknown 90s Actor (24) ... Doctor
  Andy Cheng Kai-Chung ... Extra
  Fung Wai-Lun ... Extra
Production Company
  Good Standard International Ltd.
Filming Company
  Wong Jing's Workshop Ltd.
  Golden Harvest Productions (Hong Kong)
Executive Director
  Raymond Yip Wai-Man
Assistant Director
  Aman Chang   Kwok Siu-Wai
Director of Photography
  Cheng Siu-Keung
Focus Puller
  To Hung-Mo
  Wu Kwok-Chiu
Best Boy
  Kwong Ting-Fong
Art Director
  Eddy Wong Ga-Lang   Raymond Kwok Siu-Keung
Costume Designer
  Lee Pik-Kwan
Image Director
  William Chang Suk-Ping
  Chan Sau-Ming
  Cheng Yu-Lai
Hair Stylist
  Alex Kwan Chi-Kin
  Marco Mak Chi-Sin
  Andy Au Wing-Kei
  Marco Wan Ho-Kit   Lee Hon-Kam
  Barbie Tung Wan-Si
  Lee Siu-Kay
Production Manager
  Dave Lam Ching
Associate Production Manager
  Ellen Cheung Man-Wing
Unit Manager
  Fung Chi-Wai
  Chris Chan Sze-Ting
Still Photographer
  Piggy Chan Kam-Chuen
Tea Lady
  Kan Chan-Na
Recording Studio
  Showreel Film Facilities
  Ng Kwok-Wah
Cantonese Dubbing
  Patricia Ho Kam-Wah
  Salon Films (HK) Ltd.
  Cine Art Laboratory Ltd.
  Fine Art Production Co.
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Cool and brave, Tong is the most famous big brother. Ha, a loyal follower of Tong, is charged murdering his unfaithful wife's lover. Fortunately, he is saved by Tong's lwayer. Tong and Ha then become very good friend. Tong is set up and has to flee to China. Moreover, his girl is tortured. Actually, the controller behind is Tong's former big borther. Ha swears to take revenge for Tong...[Universe VCD cover] Filmed in Panavision®