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孽慾追擊檔案之邪殺 (1996)
The Imp
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Golden Harvest 
Genres: Adult  Horror 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run (HK): 06/22/1996 - 06/28/1996
Box Office: HK $1,517,060
  Ivan Lai Gai-Ming
  Sam Leong Tak-Sam
Action Director
  Benny Lai Keung-Kuen
  Ivan Lai Gai-Ming
  Diana Pang Dan ... Ching Kwok Shan
  Mark Cheng Ho-Nam ... Mark
  Ishizuka Emiko ... Angie
  Ruby Wong Jo-Yi ... Jing Hua
  Cheung Lau    
  William Ho Ka-Kui ... Priest Tao
  Dick Lau Tik-Chi ... King Kong
  Willie Wai Kar-Hung    
  Ng Shui-Ting ... Cass
  So Wai-Nam ... Native
  Hoh Gei-Yung    
  Che Kau-Wa    
  Leung Kwok-Wai (1)    
  Unknown 90s Actor (26)    
Production Company
  Golden Harvest Productions
Assistant Director
  Danny Wong Hing-Fun
  Sung Kong
  Leung Kwai-San
Art Director
  James Cheung Ying-Wa
Costume Designer
  Chan Pok-Kin
  Lo Shui-Lin (2)
Hair Stylist
  Samuel Wong Kwok-Hung
  Peter Cheung Yiu-Chung   Ng Wang-Hung (1)
  Spencer Ng Chung-Wai
Sound Recordist
  Chow Shao-Lung
  Mui Siu-Kei   Sam Leung Yiu-San
  Chua Lam
  Sam Leong Tak-Sam
Film Coordinator
  Johnathan Chow Chun-Tung   Anna Chim Wai-Wai
Production Manager
  Thomas Leung Man-Lung   Leung Wing-Yim
Associate Production Manager
  Nelson Choi Pooi-Hing
  Ching Kwok Shan receives a letter from twin sister Fun, feels something bad has happened (she has twin's telepathy), and shares a van with a TV crew to get to the inn from where the letter came. This crew consists of director Mark, presenter Angie, and cameramen King Kong and Cass, and their brief is to film a rarely-seen aboriginal ceremony involving sacrifice. They check into the hotel run by sexy (and clearly sinister) widow Jing Hua, and unsettling things being to happen. Shan and crew stumble upon a temple inhabited by Tao, a blind priest and a worried man, who gives Shan some guidance. Shan keeps fainting, so they take her to the doctor. Instead of checking her in, King Kong chats up the cute receptionist Yuan Jun. Then the serious sex and nudity starts. King Kong gets Yuan Jun's gear off, Angie shows off her slim bod in an extended bathing scene while Cass peeks at her, Angie slaps his face then drags him into bed with her but chickens out. (Aren't women maddening ?!). Shan sees more vivid visions of her sister and others she does not recognize, becomes more unsettled, and finds unexpected comfort in Mark's strong arms. Soon after, people start getting slashed to death at a serious rate. It's no surprise to see that widow Jing Hua is involved, but her brother is the main villain (though I won't spoil it by revealing his identity). Hua and brother get into bondage, cruel taunting, and some very unpleasant punishment. Warning : this part could seriously upset the sensitive viewer ! As with many of these gory/apocalyptic endings, only two of the main characters survive to the end credits.