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麻將 (1996)
Alias: Couples
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Columbia Classics 
Genre: Drama 
Rating: II B (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run (HK): 06/05/1997 - 06/25/1997
Box Office: HK $215,700
  Edward Yang De-Chang
  Edward Yang De-Chang
  Chang Chen ... Hong Kong
  Virginie Ledoyen ... Marthe
  Carrie Ng Ka-Lai ... Angela
  Elaine Kam Yin-Ling ... Red Fish's mother
  Tang Cong-Sheng ... Red Fish
  Ku Pao-Ming ... Golf partner
  Lawrence Ko Yu-Luen ... Luen Luen
  Wang Chi-Tsan ... Little Buddha
  Chiu Keung (2) ... Jay
  Wu Nien-Jen ... Senior Gangster
  Chang Kuo-Chu ... Red Fish's father
  Wang Bo-Sen ... Junior gangster
  Li Tai-Ling (2) ... Winnie [voice]
  Hsu Ming (2) ... John
  Ko I-Chen ... Luen Luen's father
  Elsie Yeh Chuan-Chen ... Mistress
Production Company
  Atom Film
  Shu Kei's Creative Workshop Ltd. (Hong Kong)
  Chin Ting-Chang   Lee Lung-Yue   Lee Yee-Siu
Costume Designer
  Chiu Kei-Kin   Chan Wan-Yue
  Chen Po-Wen
  Hoh Chi-Man (2)
Sound Recordist
  Tang Hsiang-Chu   Kuo Li-Chi   Tu Duu-Chih
  Antonio Lee Tat-Tou
Production Manager
  Yu Wei-Yen
  Red Fish, Luen Luen, Hong Kong, and Toothpaste are four Taiwanese youths who frequent an American restaurant to con others. One day, Luen Luen in the restaurant meets French lady Marthe who came to Taiwan to find her boyfriend Marcus, unexpectedly he already fell for Allison, the daughter of a wealthy man. Red Fish meets his father's business partner Tung and his Hong Kong mistress Angela. Red Fish recognizes Angela to be the woman who cheated money from his father 10 years ago and has his heart set on revenge. On the other hand, he also wants to sell Marthe to an escort company, Lan Lan doesn't feel right, so he takes home secretly and hides Marthe there...... [Next Magazine]