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女子監獄1993 (1993)
Female Internment Camp
Alias: Female Internment Camp 1993
Origin: China
Genre: Crime 
Rating: II B (Hong Kong) 
  Andy Chin Wing-Keung
  Bak Hoi
  Manfred Wong Man-Chun
  Norman Wong Chi-Hung
  Alan Ng Siu-Hung
  Ng Suet-Man ... Lee Wai Man
  Tsang Siu-Yin ... Lau
  Ha Chi-Chun ... Chan Ga Ming
  Yiu Nga-Lai ... Ling
  Leung Si-Ho    
  Alan Ng Siu-Hung    
  Michael Lai Siu-Tin    
  Chan Sau-Ming    
  Li Kuo-Hsing    
  Hung Tung-Kim    
  Yuen Suet-Lin    
  Sit Chung-Leung    
  Ho Chi-Moon    
  Fei Hung    
  Chow Suet-Ling    
  Cheung Yuk-Fong (2)    
  Cheung Pooi-Ling    
  Lee Wa-Hin    
  Chan Git-Ching    
  Wong Hung    
Production Company
  Take 5 International
  Mei Ah Development Co. Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Cheng Ka-Yee
  Michael Lai Siu-Tin
  Pang Kin-Ming
  Wan Gei-Fai
Costume Designer
  Chan Sau-Ming
  Chow Wai-Lun
Sound Recordist
  Lo Chi-Wai
  Michael Lai Siu-Tin
  Michael Lai Siu-Tin   Li Kuo-Hsing
  Delly Ku Oi-Ying   Kenny Chau Kei-Leung   Karbie Ng Ga-Bo
Production Manager
  Yuen Suet-Lin   Keith Lo Kam-Fu
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Mei Ah Film Production Co., Ltd.   Nexson Audio Visual Studio
  Ultra-cheapie shot in China on video with no subtitles by a HK crew. A drug dealer on the run from police in China ditches a small packet of drugs. Lee Wai Man is an HK newlywed visiting China, who unluckily picks up the packet, and is thrown straight into jail. There, she is pushed around by prison bully Ming and befriended by Lau (surname only - I couldn't translate her personal name !), who gives head to a prison guard through the bars, and Ling, a mainland martial arts champion. Wai Man is set up again and again by Ming, scoring first the job of cleaning out the pigsty, then solitary confinement (with rats and cockroaches for company). Eventually, there is an escape planned ......