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魔女18招 (1993)
Devil Girl 18
Alias: 性氣功之探秘
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genres: Adult  Horror  Fantasy 
Ratings: III (Hong Kong)  R (Taiwan) 
  Lam Wah-Chuen
  Lam Wah-Chuen
Martial Arts Director
  Pan Chang-Ming
  Wu Chia-Chun
  Mark Cheng Ho-Nam    
  Oshima Yukari ... Spirit Doctor [cameo]
  Wu Fung ... [Cameo]
  Chik Muk-Chau    
  Qiu Qiong-Ying    
  Wang Kuang-Yuan    
  Pan Chang-Ming ... Taoist [Uncredited]
  Ka Ling ... [Uncredited]
  Asuka Tamami ... [Uncredited]
  Lin Kuang-Chin ... Fatty [Uncredited]
  Ng Sau-Lan ... [Uncredited]
  Tu Chin-Chih ... [Uncredited]
  Chui Seung-Ha ... [Uncredited]
Production Company
  Tai Ying Co., Ltd.
  Kuo Tang Enterprises Co., Ltd. (Taiwan)
Director of Photography
  Chen Yen-Shan
  Wu Chia-Chun
Production Manager
  Yan Chu-Li
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Six different sets of characters. Only two of these plot strands run (roughly) from beginning to end, and they seem to concern - 1) a couple from the underworld, who come up to modern HK to suck life-force from brutally killing them 2) another couple, May (a nurse) and Philip (a cop) who, because of their dates of birth, have the power to defeat the bad guys. Along the way, we see sex on a motorbike and in a deserted disco, a few shower scenes, a couple of guys going to a brothelette and tongue-bathing the pros, a silly fat guy swordfighting someone he calls master, Yukari Oshima looking totally lost as a spirit doctor, Mark Cheng wandering around with no idea and partnered by Woo Fung.