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兼差女郎 (1993)
Part-Time Lady
Alias: 兼職女郎
Origin: Hong Kong
Genres: Adult  Mystery 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
  Wong Yau-Sing
  Cheung Yuet
  Suen Tong ... Lily Cheung / Lily Chang Sho-Li
  Chui Bo-Lun ... Darwin
  Chan Pooi-Kei ... Fanny Lin
  Tong Mei ... Annie
  Cheung Ching-Yung    
  Dennis Tang Chung-Kwan ... Policeman
  Charlie Cho Cha-Lee ... Lee [cameo]
  Otomo Rena ... Lee's new girl [cameo]
  Stuart Ong ... Mick Tsao [cameo]
  Hak Lung    
  Wang Quan (2)    
Production Companies
  Lai Shing Ying Yip Yau Haan Gung Shut
  Shi Dai Film Co., Ltd.
  Universe Films Distribution Company Limited (Hong Kong)
  Lai Jing-Yat
Production Manager
  Ngai Cheng-Hon
  Former policeman Pok Tin Leung, now a taxi driver, rescues two nightclub hostesses (Lily and Annie) from difficult customers. The next morning, the hostesses' boss, Fanny Lin, is found dead. Annie's boyfriend Shaun, a barman, runs away when police ask questions. Lee, a gangster Pok once arrested, was the boyfriend of the deceased. But he is seen the next day with another woman on his arm. Darwin, the investigating cop, asks Pok for help. Pok is his former boss. Darwin is secretly a friend of Lily. And the way Lily came to work for Fanny is an interesting story in itself.