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七條命 (2000)
Untouchable Maniac
VCD Title: Untouchable Mania
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Crime 
Rating: II B (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run (HK): 04/27/2000 - 05/03/2000
Box Office: HK $63,805
  Chow Jan-Wing
  Jerry Chan Chi-Hang
  Chow Jan-Wing
Action Choreographer
  Ma Yuk-Sing
  Alan Lo Shun-Chuen
  Ma Yuk-Sing
  Mok Cheong-Shing ... Keith
  Danny Lee Sau-Yin ... Insp Lee Chi Kin
  Mark Cheng Ho-Nam ... Moon
  Bessie Chan Ming-Kwan ... Cee
  Sophie Ngan Chin-Man ... May
  Simon Lui Yue-Yeung ... Man bring Cee to motel
  Josephine Lam Kei-Yan ... Cha Cha
  Joe Ma Tak-Chung ... Ching
  Cheung Tung-Lam ... Babbie
  Michael Lam Wai-Leung ... Nick
  Debbie Cheung Jing ... Club girl fighting with May
  James Ha Chim-Si ... Bald Jim
  Jacky Wong Cheung-Bo    
  Li Kwong-Tim    
  Leung Yuen-Man    
  Chan Yuet-Yue ... Mamasan
  Amy Au-Yeung Suk-Lan ... Tenant
  Lung Ying (2) ... Gang member
  Cheung Bing-Chuen ... Policeman
  Sam Ho Choi-Chow ... Rapist
Production Company
  Hoi Fung Films Production Co.
Assistant Director
  Chi Wai-Man
Script Supervisor
  Jerry Chan Chi-Hang
Director of Photography
  Wong Po-Man
Focus Puller
  Leung Kim-Wai
  Leung Kwai-San
  Elsa Chan Kit-Ling
  Amy Au-Yeung Suk-Lan
Hair Dressing
  Johnny Chan Kim-Hung
  Grand Yip Wai-Keung
  Lee Yuen-Mau
  Simon Leung Chi-Wa   Charles Chan Cheuk-Wa   David Tong Tai-Wai
  Alan Lo Shun-Chuen   Ma Yuk-Sing
Administrative Producer
  Peggy Cheung Siu-Ping
Production Manager
  Pang Yuk-Lam
Associate Production Manager
  Tsang Tsz-Kin
Unit Manager
  Wong Po-Wai
Still Photographer
  Tang Chak-Shun   Tam Wing-Sum
Recording Studio
  True Technic Limited
Re-Recording Mixer
  Yeung Wai-Keung
  Herman Chow Kam-Wing
  Wong Fung-Ying (3)
  Toplight Engineering Limited
  Mandarin Laboratory (International) Ltd.
  Mandarin Laboratory (International) Ltd.
Subtitle Production
  Mandarin Laboratory (International) Ltd.
  Keith is a young man working in an illegal gambling joint whose boss is putting his foot down about customers' outstanding debts. When the police raid the joint, he escapes from Officer Li through the window. Meanwhile, Cee is being followed into her apartment by a mugger with a knife who then gets the idea of raping her ... until Keith intervenes and fights him off. But inbetween dodging Officer Li, Keith doesn't have much luck getting a date with Cee and visits his favourite hostess Mimi. Instead he picks up hostess May and heads with her to Cheung Chau to find May. But they choose the wrong hotel run by Moon who has the habit of recording his tenants having sex. But Moon sees something in his new guest and after murdering May recruits Keith as his reluctant partner...