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小老虎 (1973)
The Young Tiger
Alternate Chinese Title 難逃法網
Alias: Small Tiger
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
Release Date (HK): 09/06/1973
  Wu Ma
  Ni Kuang
Martial Arts Directors
  Lau Kar-Wing
  Huang Pei-Chih
  Chang Ying (2)
  Meng Fei ... Little Tiger [title char]
  Maggie Li Lin-Lin ... Tam Fong
  Stanley Fung Sui-Fan ... Mr Ko
  Chen Yan-Yan ... Tiger's mother
  Dean Shek Tin ... Conceited Red Shirt
  Huang Pei-Chih    
  Lau Kar-Wing    
  Mars ... Thug in army pants
  Wong San (2) ... CID Captain
  Fung Hak-On ... Thug
  Ho Pak-Kwong ... Policeman
  Su Hsiang    
  Pan Yao-Kun ... One of Ko's men
  Wu Ma ... Model photographer
  Law Keung ... Martial arts student
  Wong Shu-Tong ... Thug
  Lin Chi ... Mary
  Wong Mei    
  Lee Chiu (2)    
  Chan Dik-Hak ... Thug
  Hsu Hsia    
  Chiu Lo-Kong    
  Wan Ling-Kwong ... Policeman
  Siu Hon-Sang    
  Hoh Wan ... Policeman
  Huang Ha ... [Extra]
  Chui Fat ... [Extra]
  Chik Ngai-Hung ... [Extra]
  Danny Chow Yun-Kin ... [Extra]
  Tang Tak-Cheung ... [Extra]
  Yen Shi-Kwan ... [Extra]
  Lee Hang (3) ... [Extra]
  Tam Bo ... [Extra]
  Ho Bo-Sing ... [Extra]
  Chu Kai ... [Extra]
  Yeung Pak-Chan ... [Extra]
  Tino Wong Cheung ... [Extra]
Production Company
  South Sea Film Co.
Assistant Director
  Chiu Lo-Kong
Script Supervisor
  Chan Si-Yun
  Chen Chao-Yung
  Wong Man-Sing
Art Director
  Cheung Chong
Costume Designer
  Ho Kwan
  Lai Siu-Wah
  Siu Nam
  Hui Kin-Keung   Chow Wai-Keung (3)   Lau On
Sound Recordist
  Chang Hua
  Frankie Chan Fan-Kei
Production Manager
  Kung Chin-Hsing   Pan Yao-Kun
Filming Location
  Hong Kong
  Note - contrary to the info some video covers, this film does NOT feature Jackie Chan (There is rumoured to be a 1973 film, also called Young Tiger, which features JChan). A spoilt rich kid turns up at a fu school to show off, but he gets clobbered by the boastful Little Tiger, who is later framed for the kid's murder when a gang of blackmailers make an example of him. The police allow Tiger to escape, in order to find the real culprits. Tiger hides at his girlfriend's place, but a model she works with does some whoring on the side for the blackmailer, and so the crooks are onto his trail.......