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禪武門 (1983)
General Invincible
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin 
Genres: Martial Arts  Fantasy 
  Chang Peng-I
  Do Ku-Hung
  Pearl Chang Ling
  Chou Kuang-Ti
  Pearl Chang Ling    
  Adam Cheng Siu-Chow    
  Wang Hsieh    
  Tien Feng ... Master
  Shih Ying    
  Cheung Yue-Cheung    
  Lin Wen-Qing    
  Ko Hsiang-Ting    
  Wan Siu-Man ... Ruh Yuh Bai
  Ding Lan (2)    
  Lee Man-Tai ... Courtier
  Teng Chiang-Mei ... Persian sword maker
  Teng Chiang-Ying ... Persian sword maker
  Yu Tai-Ping ... Red haired assassin
  Ho Hing-Nam ... Killer
  Lui Wan-Biu ... Weapon expert
  Li Chin-Kuang ... Killer
Production Company
  Hong Kong Tung Da Ltd.
  Yau Yee-Chu   Yau Yee-Chan
  Pearl Chang Ling
Chief Producer
  Chang Tin-Tsu
Planning Director
  Pearl Chang Ling
Production Manager
  Cheung Yue-Cheung
Filming Location
  A noblewoman becomes a general, and is alternately assisted and hindered by a handsome assassin with an incredible wardrobe. She is guided by the spirit of her dead master and mainly fights against an evil master who is perfecting an invisible crystal sword. Other characters include Moon Old Man and the noblewoman's mute servant Yin Long, and amazing gadgets including the Shapeless Sword.