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形手螳螂腿 (1979)
Death Duel of Kung Fu
Alias: Showdown of the Master Warriors
Korean Title: The Swordsman in Plains
Alias: 鶴形刁手螳螂腿
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
  William Cheung Kei
  Gwon Yeong-Sun
  Ni Kuang
  An Jun-o
Martial Arts Directors
  Mang Hoi
  Chin Yuet-Sang
  Chang Yan-Tao
  See Lai-Woo
  John Liu Chung-Liang ... Sung Hsin
  Don Wong Tao ... Sun Shing Kwei
  Eagle Han Ying ... To Ku Lan
  Wu Chia-Hsiang ... Marshall Tao [cameo]
  Charlie Chan Yiu-Lam ... Kai Yee Chi
  Peter Chan Lung ... Marshall Tao's assistant
  Chung Fat ... Swordfighter
  King Lee King-Chu ... Swordfighter
  Tang Ti ... Chan Lai
  Chang Kung    
  Cheung Bo-Wing ... Liu Fu-Fen
  Kim Cheong-Ja    
  Lung Ho-Yu    
  Choe Jae-Ho    
  Lam Hak-Ming ... [Extra]
  Mang Hoi ... [Extra]
Production Company
  Kee Woo Film (Hong Kong) Co.
  Jeong Il-Man
  Son Han-Su
Art Director
  Cho Kyung-Hwan
  Kim Hee-Su
  Lee Cheol-Hyeok
Stunt Double
  King Lee King-Chu   Mang Hoi
  Chang Chien-Hsi
Executive Producer
  Chang Yan-Tao
Production Manager
  Lee Yiu-Ting   Cheung Bo-Wing
Filming Location
  South Korea
  After the Ming Dynasty is annihilated by the Ching warriors from Manchuria, Ming's General Cheng escapes to Taiwan. Worried that Cheng may launch a counterattack, Ching's Prince Ta sends his finest warriors to Taiwan in hopes of killing Cheng and his plan. But they have to contend with Cheng's elite kung fu guards first! [Tai Seng DVD]