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大風波 (1974)
US Title: Twister Kicker
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
  Han Bao-Chang
  Mao Hung-Chi
Martial Arts Director
  Wu Tong-Chiao
  Ting Wa-Suen    
  Yee Hung    
  Sun Yueh ... Tiger Chai
  Yang Ai-Hua    
  Wu Tong-Chiao    
  Wang Kai    
  Lin Ying (6)    
  Cho Gwan    
  Huang Lan (4)    
  Yuan Bao-Huang    
  Yang Lieh    
  Wei Hung-Sheng ... Doctor
  Lan Yun    
  Wang Yun    
  Keung Hon ... Thug
  Huang Kuan-Hsiung ... Thug
  Wong Hei-Tung    
  Pei De-Yun    
  Han Ching-Hsiang    
  Mark Long Kuan-Wu    
  Yang Qi    
  Unknown Taiwanese Actor (12)    
  Hsiao Huang-Long ... [Extra]
Production Company
  Da Chin Films Co., Ltd.
Assistant Director
  Chung Fu-Wen
  Chui Dung-Heung
  Yeung Chi-Kin
Production Manager
  Ku Chi-Ching
Filming Location
  A young man with a flying kick hauls his fiancee out of a nightclub where he is disgusted to learn that she is working as a hostess. As a result, a dodgy character offers to pay him lots of money to kill an enemy, Tiger Chai. Around this time, the young man is diagnosed with cancer and is given just a month to live. He decides to take the money and give it to the orphanage at which his fiancee works (she was hosting at nights) and, instead of killing Tiger Chai, scare him into leaving town for a month. But things don't go according to plan.