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虎豹雙雄 (1974)
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
  Wu Min-Hsiung
  Ling Yun
  Lin Chang-Shi
Martial Arts Directors
  Lin Feng-Sheng
  Ching Kau-Lung
  Shen Yu-Fang
original movie poster
  Chang Yi ... Lo Tien Hao
  Raymond Lui Shing-Gung ... Lung Shih Chieh
  Lung Fei ... Ma Piao
  Gloria Wang Siao-Ing ... Ma Piao's woman
  Tang Mei-Fang ... Lo Li Hua
  Miao Tian ... Casino Boss Lung
  Ko Yu-Min ... Lo Kang
  Shan Mao ... Li Kuang
  Lin Chong ... Thug
  Tseng Chao ... Thug
  Lin Feng-Sheng ... Thug
  Hsia Hou-Chun ... Molester
  Chen Hsiang ... Thug
  Xie Jian-Wen ... Thug
  Fan Feng-Shan ... Thug
  Ching Kau-Lung ... Thug
Production Companies
  Lui Ming (International) Film Enterprises
  Chinese Oversea Film Co.
Assistant Director
  Chang Hung-Chi (2)
  Lai Wing-Yam
  Lui Ming
Production Manager
  Wu An
Filming Location
  Two boys who are pretty hot fu fighters take the oath as brothers by inscribing domino tattooes on their forearms. The scene then dissolves into the credits, full of visuals featuring dominoes and gambling, with the theme from Hawaii-5-0 blasting out ! Ten years pass, and the young men meet again. But this time, they are on opposite sides of the law. Lo Tien Hao is the son of a government anti-vice detective, and Lung Shih Chieh the son of a casino owner who is in league with Ma Piao, a crime lord. Young Lung is disturbed when his father finally admits crime connections. Will he side with his brother, or his adopted father ?