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大惡客 (1979)
The Big Rascal
Alias: Dragon Force
Alias: 上海灘
Alias: Death For Death
Origin: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Martial Arts 
  Chi Kuan-Chun
  Chi Kuan-Chun
  Leung Yat-Fei
Martial Arts Directors
  Ah Choi
  Lai Kan
  Fook Chow
  Wong Oi-Ying
  Chi Kuan-Chun ... Ho
  Peng Gang ... Wen Kuei-Sheng's brother
  Lu Ti ... Boss Fu
  Lee Kwan ... Boss Fu's aide
  Chiang Ching-Hsia ... Boss Fu's wife
  Chin Kang ... Wen Kuei-Sheng
  Ma Chin-Ku ... Wen Kuei-Sheng's brother
  Chiang Yang ... One of Boss Fu's men
  Hsueh Chang-Wen ... Mute
  Su Kuo-Liang ... Wen Kuei Sheng's brother
  Chang Chung-Kui ... Guards Boss Fu's door
  Ou Li-Bao ... Waiter
  Wang Chen    
  Liu Wen-Bin    
  Cheung Tai-Lun ... Ho's friend
  Wang Hing    
  Lai Kan    
  Hui Man-Yui    
  Long Chi    
  Unknown Taiwanese Actor (2)    
  Li Long-Yin ... [Extra]
Production Company
  Champion (H.K.) Film Company
  Liao Wan-Wen
  Li Man-Li
Hair Stylist
  Tang Hsiu-Feng
  Huang Chiu-Kuei
  So Yiu-Tong
  Huang Mao-Shan
  Chi Kuan-Chun
Production Manager
  Yeh Hai-Ching   Wong Chi-Ying
Filming Location
  Ho (Chi Kuan Chun) and his brother, Yee Fei (Wang Chen) are a couple of poor guys who bust their ass everyday for minimum pay. After getting laid off from their jobs, the two brothers seek to find a job with the local casino/brothel owner, Boss Fu (Lu Ti). Ho, with his superior gung fu skills is hired on as a bodyguard and uses this chance to make money and rise through the ranks as top man and money maker. The rapid rise to the top has caused Ho to make enemies due to the hostile takeovers of brothels/casinos along with the people he has killed. Eventually, one of the casino/brothel owners (Kam Kong) gets even as he has Ho's brother murdered at his wedding. With his brother now dead, Ho is now ready to take on everybody who was involved in his brother's death. -mpongpun