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Pak Kui-Wing
Pak Kui-Wing

Filmography (1934-1959)
  Actor (16 films)
    Mourning of the Chaste Tree Flower (1934) ... Mui Yuk-Tong
    The Pain of Separation (1936)    
    The Oil Seller and the Song Girl (1937) ... Chun Chung
    The Humiliation of the Rickshaw Man (1938)    
    Tragic Song of Opera Stars (1938)    
    The Beauty Trap (1939)    
    Who's the Bride? (1940)    
    The Magic Eye (1940)    
    The Scholar and the Widow (1940) ... Shut Ma Seung Yue
    When Will We Meet Again? (1940)    
    Bridge of Jealousy (1941)    
    An Unfaithful Wife (1941)    
    My Wife as a Witness (1941)    
    Gala Performance of Opera and Movie Stars (1947) ... Himself
    Ill Fate Together (1947)    
    Butterfly Couple (1959)