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紅線女  ♀
Hung Sin-Nui
Hong Xian-Nu,  Hong Sin-Lui,  Hung Hsien-Nu,  Hong Sin-Loi,  Huang Hsien-Nu
Born: December 25th, 1927 (China) - Died: December 8th, 2013

Filmography (1947-2009)
  Actor (109 films)
    Unforgettable Love (1947) ... Kot Mo-Wah
    Love with No Result (1947) ... Fong
    I'm Crazy About You (1947)    
    A Spoilt Brat (1948) ... Ming-Chu
    The Butterfly Lovers (Part 1) (1948) ... Chuk Ying-Hoi
    The Judge Goes to Pieces (1948) ... Madam Tong
    The Butterfly Lovers (Part 2) (1948)    
    A Fair Lady with Ill Fate (1948) ... Kam Fung-Chu
    One-Month-Old Celebration of Ma Si-Tsang and Hung Sin-Nui's Baby (1949) ... Herself
    Xiao Qing's Shadow (1949) ... Fung Siu-Ching
    Snow Storm in June (1949) ... Chow's wife
    Night Hanging of Bai Furong (1949) ... Pak Fu-Yung
    Zhuo Wenjun's Night Visit to Xiangru (1949) ... Cheuk Man-Kwan
    Beating the Matchmaker (1949) ... Hung Neong
    Love Ended by the Blue Bridge (1950)    
    The Blood Bee (1950)    
    Wild Flowers Are Sweeters (1950) ... Yin Hung
    The Amorous Lady (1950)    
    She Plunged to Her Death (1950)    
    Lust of a Grand Lady (1950) ... Ah Kwai
    A Wolf in the Girl's Fold (1950) ... Mei-Neung
    Kaleidoscope (1950) ... 8)
    Wave of Jealousy (1950) ... Luk Suet-Bing
    The Blundering General (1950) ... Chow Kit-Ching
    How Song Jiang Slew His Mistress Yan Poxi (1950)    
    The Wages of Sin (Part 1) (1950) ... Cheung Hing
    The Wages of Sin (Part 2) (1950) ... Cheung Hing
    A Loving Father (1951)    
    Twelve Cheeky Girls (1951) ... Hung-Dip
    Red and White Gold Dragons (Part 1) (1951)    
    Red and White Gold Dragons (Part 2) (1951) ... Cheung Yuet-Sheung
    An Orphan's Sad Tale (1951)    
    The Last Blow (1951)    
    I Want to Be Famous (1951)    
    Love's Captive (1951)    
    All Illusion of Paradise (1951)    
    Zhang Junrui Murders Jia Baoyu for Love (1951)    
    Red and White Azaleas (1951) ... Mei-Fung
    Five Sisters (1951)    
    The Wrongly Accused Lover (1951) ... Ching Siu-Kuen
    Poor Mother (1951) ... Fong Siu-Hung
    An Unhappy Woman's Love Song (1951)    
    The Seventh Stranger (1951) ... Wu Ying
    A Dream of Red Mansions (1951)    
    Night of Romance (1952) ... Wong Lai-Hung
    The Satisfactory Wedding (1952) ... Leung Mei-Ling
    When Wishes Come True (1952)    
    Perfect Match (1952) ... Chan Lai
    Sisters Two (1952)    
    Peach Blossoms Fount by Night (1952)    
    Romance from Heaven (1952)    
    Amorous Happenings in the Splendid Hall (1952)    
    Foster-Daddy's Romantic Affairs (1952) ... Ah Hung
    Seventh Fairy's Rendez-Vous with the Buffalo-Boy (1952)    
    The Flower Girl (1952)    
    The Lucky Amah (1952) ... Ah Fu
    Red and White Peonies (1952) ... Hung-Ling
    Sisters-in-law in Danger (1952)    
    Red Rose, the Songstress (1952) ... Red Rose
    Girl in Red (1952) ... Yi Zhang Hong
    Two Naughty Girls (1952)    
    A Melancholy Melody (Part 1) (1952)    
    A Melancholy Melody (Part 2) (1952)    
    A Sweet Girl's Fancies (1952)    
    Private Lives of Opera and Movie Stars (1952) ... Herself
    Good Marriage (1952)    
    At Odds with Each Other (1953)    
    Opera Star Special (1953)    
    Lucky Gathering (1953) ... Kwong Yee-Wah
    Soul of the Jade Pear (1953) ... Lily Pak Lei-Ying
    The Temporary Wife (1953) ... Sze Leng-Mui
    Hawaii Beauty (1953)    
    A Mother's Tears (1953) ... Ching Yan-chi
    Music of Peace and Joy (1953)    
    The Very Best From Show Biz (1953)    
    The Courtship Game (1954)    
    Like the Clouds' Swift Passage (1954)    
    Autumn (1954) ... Maid, Chu Man
    The Hills Divide Us (1954)    
    Neighbours All (1954) ... Ma So-Kam
    The Impatient Bride (1954)    
    The Good Earth (1954)    
    Spring's Flight (1954)    
    Sound of Music (1954)    
    Love (Part 1) (1955) ... Ching Ching-Bo
    Love (Part 2) (1955) ... Ching Ching-Bo
    A Country Bumpkin Takes a Trip (1955)    
    The Famous Beauty (1955) ... Pak Mui-Gwai ('White Rose')
    Humanity (1955)    
    Fleeting Riches (1955) ... Pak Siu-Pang
    In Different Lands We Still Long for Each Other (1955) ... Yuen Shuk-Chun
    Everlasting Love (1955)    
    The Matchmaker (1955) ... Ah Fun
    Backyard Adventures (1955) ... Blind singer
    It So Happens to a Woman (1955)    
    The Pretty Tigress (1955) ... Pak Yim-Hung/Pak Lan-Chi
    Wilderness (1956)    
    Romance at the Western Chamber (1956)    
    Fire (1956)    
    The Peach-Blossoms Are Still in Bloom (1956) ... Tao
    The Lost Kite (1957)    
    Butterfly Couple (1959)    
    Guan Han Qing (1960) ... Zhu Lian-Qiu
    An Ideal Couple (1960)    
    Romantic Night of Hong Kong (1961)    
    Heart to Heart (1962)    
    Sha Chia Pang (1974)    
    The Legend of Lee Heung Kwan (1990)    
    Diao Man Gong Zhu Gang Fu Ma (2009) ... [Voice]
  Director (1 film)
    Diao Man Gong Zhu Gang Fu Ma (2009)    
  Writer (1 film)
    Diao Man Gong Zhu Gang Fu Ma (2009)    
  Producer (2 films)
    The Famous Beauty (1955)    
    Diao Man Gong Zhu Gang Fu Ma (2009)    
  Presenter (1 film)
    Diao Man Gong Zhu Gang Fu Ma (2009)    
  Hung Sin Nui learnt the art of Cantonese Opera from her aunt Ho Fu Lin. She was spotted by the famous actor Ma Shi Tsang and became a leading actress at the age of 15. Hung played alongside Ma in productions like "The Spoiled Brat and Her Groom", "Bitter Phoenix, Sorrowful Oriole", "Wang Zhaojun Marries beyond the Great Wall" and so on. Hung went back to Guangzhou with Ma Shi Tsang in 1955 and joined the Guangdong Cantonese Opera Troupe.

Under her leadership, the group gave performances of historical dramas like "Chu Yuan", "Guan Hanqing", and "The Tragedy of Lee Heung Kwan", all with Hung being the leading actress. She also founded the Hongdou Cantonese Opera Troupe where she trained and mentored a large number of Cantonese Opera actors and actresses. Besides on stage performances, Hung was also a film actress and appeared in over ninety films, including "The Judge Goes to Pieces", "A Mother's Tears", "Everlasting Love", "Wilderness", "The Pretty Tigress", "Searching the School" and "Guan Hanqing". In 1998, the Guangzhou city government built the Hungxiannu Art Center, to commemorate and preserve all the documentations of her contribution to the art of Cantonese opera, so that it can be admired and emulated by generations to come.
- Hong Kong Tourism Board

Hung was born to a family of Cantonese opera performers in the Guangdong city of Kaiping, and embarked on her own opera career under her aunt's mentorship at the age of 12. Born Kuang Jianlian (Kwong Kin-lin in Cantonese),, she took on her stage name, a traditional phrase signifying marriage and relationships which translates as "Red Line Girl", at the age of 14. Hung relocated to Hong Kong during the second world war. She ventured onto the big screen in 1947 and went on to make more than 90 films. They helped establish her as one of the biggest stars of Cantonese opera and Hong Kong cinema. At the peak of her career, Hung returned to Guangzhou and joined the Guangdong Cantonese Opera Troupe. During the Cultural Revolution, the opera star found herself condemned and banished from the troupe to work as a street sweeper. The opera star was branded as "Black Line Girl" A Guangzhou resident saw Hung being criticised during one of the "struggle sessions" that characterised the years of turmoil. "A blackboard was hung on her neck and the public threw rubbish at her, calling her opera poisonous and branding her a capitalist roader". (SCMP article)