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Cho Suet-Chung
Cao Xue-Song
Filmography (1934-1947)
  Actor (4 films)
    Mr. Wang's Secret (1934) ... Xiao Chen
    Mr. Wang Goes to Country (1935) ... Xiao Chen
    Mr. Wang Asks for a God (1936) ... Xiao Chen
    Mr. Wang Gets Rich in a Good Way (1937) ... Xiao Chen
  Writer (9 films)
    The Bell Is Ringing (1934)    
    Broken Dream in the Dancing Hall (1934)    
    Two Couples (1934)    
    Huan Xi Yuan Jia (1934)    
    Mr. Wang's Secret (1934)    
    Mr. Wang Goes to Country (1935)    
    Mr. Wang Had a Happy New Year (1935)    
    Three Women (1947)    
    Rumours in the Air (1947)